Balancing the needs of IT and Video-related Investigations

Join us for a free one-hour webinar exploring the video evidence issues plaguing IT teams that support law enforcement agencies.

Video evidence has become prolific, it is common for cases to include business and home camera system footage, cell phone videos, and/or footage from the agency’s in-car and body cameras. The need to quickly and accurately process and utilize video evidence will continue to grow, so now is the time to build a strategy that protects the security of your network and devices without impeding investigators. Here are issues we will address:

  • Giving investigators a safe alternative to downloading proprietary players and codecs that could bring malware and/or viruses through their device and on to your network.
  • Providing tools to make video files a manageable size for sharing on the network by creating clips of key people and activities.
  • Having a single solution for all agency personnel interacting with video evidence.
  • Single license to track for auditors and renewals that allows up to 50 installs and 10 concurrent users.
  • Reducing the support requests made of your IT personnel as the use of video evidence grows.
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