Free Webinar: Balancing the Needs of IT and Video-related Investigations

Dash cam, drone camera, and body worn camera.

There is no denying it: video is everywhere and it plays a critical role in almost every investigation. But how are your investigators accessing all of the challenging proprietary video files that make up most visual evidence? Officers need to quickly and accurately play video evidence. So now is the time to build a solution that protects the security of your network and devices without impeding the integrity of your casework.

Join us Thursday, October 25, 2018, at 1:00 pm EST for a free webinar exploring the video evidence issues law enforcement agencies are faced with. There are challenges to working with video evidence that must be addressed when choosing the best solution for your department or agency. Downloading unknown and risky ‘free’ players, exposes an agency network to potential threats, including malware, viruses, and bloatware. You need a tool that can process hundreds of file types quickly without putting your infrastructure at risk. The key is finding a solution that strikes a balance between the needs of investigators and the infrastructure security standards that keep your IT team up at night.

Some of the issues that will be addressed on the webinar:

  • An overview of common security/integrity issues that arise from investigators installing video players and codecs.
  • An understanding of the challenges Investigators are currently struggling with related to video evidence.
  • Exploring an alternative to downloading proprietary players and codecs that create a potential entry point for malware and/or viruses on to your network.
  • Scalable and safe solutions for all agency personnel interacting with video evidence.

Meet the Presenters

Lt. Col. James J. Emerson
Chairman of the IACP Computer Crime and Digital Evidence Committee, CEO of Public Safety Information Sharing and Analysis Organization, COO/Managing Director for iThreat Cyber Group, and a Partner at J3 Digital Forensics

As Chairman of the CCDE, James provides support to the IACP Law Enforcement Cyber Center. The Cyber Center acts as a centerpiece for the dissemination of information and resources to law enforcement leadership around the globe. He leads an EO 13691 based ISAO under the IACI umbrella providing Public and Private Sector Collaborative Solutions to enhance the Global Public Safety through Information Age Accredited Cyber Information Sharing and Analysis Services. James also holds key leadership roles in two private sector organizations dedicated to providing solutions for digital intelligence protection and forensic services.


Andrew Fredericks
Technical Director for iNPUT-ACE

Andrew is a LEVA certified Forensic Video Analyst who specializes in 3D laser scanning reverse projection, video workflow automation, and decoding proprietary video file formats. As the CTO for iNPUT-ACE, Andrew directs the development, training, and support for this powerful workflow engine. In addition, Andrew conducts forensic video/3D analysis throughout North America and abroad and provides training to law enforcement on forensic video analysis methodologies and techniques.

James Kennedy
Director of Forensic Video/Multimedia Services for the New York State Police

Jim has been a member of the New York State Police for 33 years and is currently their Director of Forensic Video/Multimedia Services. He is a long-time member of LEVA and has extensive experience in providing expert testimony for cases ranging from homicides, homeland security investigations, sexual assaults, and robberies. Jim has extensive training in the field of Forensic Multimedia Analysis and is an adjunct professor at the State University in Albany in the field of Digital Forensics and lectures across the North Eastern U.S. on digital multimedia forensics.

Jim oversees a multi-sectional, technical Unit that provides Forensic Media Analysis, Multimedia Production Services, Photography Services and Audio/Visual support to Federal, State, and local agencies across the country. His unit provides forensic multimedia expertise and support including video documentation of crime scenes, on-scene forensic multimedia acquisitions, digital multimedia evidence analysis and providing expert testimony in criminal/civil court proceedings.

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