2021 Trends in Video Investigations

Video is the most prolific source of evidence available to investigators today. Discover how agencies around the world are leveraging video evidence to enhance efficiency, improve closure rates, and testify with greater confidence. 

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Key Trends in Video Evidence

To identify the latest trends in video evidence, we surveyed hundreds of professionals across the industry. The results of this survey have been brought together in a new report, complete with 6 key findings, 20 visual graphs, and guidance on how industry leaders can navigate the quickly changing landscape of video evidence.

This is an important report for leaders, specialists, and everyone else who interacts with video evidence. In this report, you will learn:

The Rise of Video Evidence - 2021 Trends in Video Evidence


  • Video continues to grow in importance, but there are many technical issues facing investigators.
  • The most popular tactic for converting unplayable video files is costing investigators 83 minutes per case, and creating unreliable and inaccurate evidence.
  • How agencies are approaching the rising flood of video evidence from CCTV, Body Worn Cameras (BWC), cellphone video, and more.
  • The more professional video evidence training someone receives, the more concerned they become with video playing incorrectly.
  • Why video enhancements are constantly desired, but rarely possible (and a more effective way to uncover data from video).
  • Investment in video evidence software and training is set to increase in 2021.
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We hosted a live webinar featuring a panel of experts including investigators, specialists and legal professionals to get their perspective on some of the key findings from the 2021 Trends in Video Evidence Survey. Take a look at what the panelists had to say in this on-demand webinar.