Downloading video players to your network is risky, but your officers need to review evidence now! You need a solution that gives your investigators access to proprietary video files without exposing your network to malware and viruses.

Police Chief Magazine features an article in its September issue addressing the complex struggle to utilize video evidence without putting your infrastructure at risk. The Technology Talk article, written by Grant Fredericks, iNPUT-ACE Director of Law Enforcement Training, outlines how specially designed technology provides a win-win solution for investigative teams and IT professionals. That’s where iNPUT-ACE comes into play; your team can rest easy knowing their video processing software supports a secure network infrastructure, while giving investigators instant access to their critical evidence.

Build a plan that works for your IT team and your investigators.

To get your strategy started, join us on Thursday, October 25, 2018, at 1:00 pm EST for a free webinar: Balancing the Needs of IT and Video-related Investigations. We will explore the video evidence challenges facing law enforcement agencies and outline how to strike a balance between the needs of investigators and IT professionals.

Some of the issues that will be addressed on the webinar:

  • Common security/integrity issues when investigators install proprietary video players and codecs
  • Challenges confronting Investigators when attempting to review their video evidence
  • Alternative solutions to downloading proprietary players and codecs that can create potential entry points for malware and viruses to your network
  • Scalable and safe solutions for all agency personnel interacting with video evidence

Invite your investigators and your IT team to attend. We want to help you get a conversation started and help you think through how these issues are impacting workflows at your agency. There will be a Q & A session at the end of the webinar, so be sure to note any issues you would like to discuss.

Or just stop by to see us at booth 868 during the 2018 IACP Conference in Orlando to find out how we can help you bridge the gap between your video evidence processing needs and your infrastructure security.

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