October 20, 2020 – A Canadian judge found Ottawa police Constable Daniel Montsion not guilty on all counts in the death of Abdirahman Abdi. We featured this case on the iNPUT-ACE blog back on July 29, 2020 to show the importance of interrogating video evidence using the original video files.

Grant Fredericks, Certified Forensic Video Analyst, Law Enforcement Trainer and FBI National Academy Instructor, testified for the defense in this case and used iNPUT-ACE software to demonstrate why it is essential to use only the original video file because it shows an accurate representation of the use of force in this incident.

“The iNPUT-ACE exhibits showed a stark difference to the appearance of force when compared to the prosecution’s biased exhibit that was created by screen capturing the video from the DVR player,” says Fredericks on a recent LinkedIn post where he criticizes Global News, a National Canadian News Agency, for using the biased film in their storytelling.

Grant Fredericks LinkedIn Article

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“This week’s ‘Not Guilty’ ruling in the murder trial of Ottawa Police Constable Daniel Montsion has provoked continued misuse of altered video by the Canadian media. The Prosecution’s video contained in the latest Craig Lord Global News reports was rejected by the trial judge last year. I testified for the Defense in this case, and demonstrated how the prosecutor’s video was processed inaccurately, giving the illusion of increased speed and force. The judge chose to…”

Click here if you’re interested in reading the complete judge’s ruling.

Despite being rejected by courts, the news media is still using the video file with dropped frames that changed the perception of events. This is another reminder of why it is important to obtain the original file and software like iNPUT-ACE to convert it into a lossless, shareable file type. Once the media gets a hold of the wrong video file, it won’t go away.

Watch the latest news story from Global News Canada.

Ottawa Use of Force case changes after video evidence gets corrected.

Original Post OnThe Case Including Videos Comparisons

Accurate Video Evidence Tells Another Story in UOF Case

July 29, 2020

“A recent use of force case, resulting in an in-custody death, is making headlines. The male, who was involved in a serious assault on a woman, appears to be violently slammed to the ground by two officers as he is resisting arrest. Based on this clip”…