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In September, we launched iNPUT-ACE version 2.5 which featured many user experience improvements, a completely overhauled method for decoding proprietary video files and the launch of our Platinum Support product, which provides users with extremely fast access to new high-priority file format requests. Today, we’re introducing iNPUT-ACE version 2.5.1 with significant additions to our library of supported formats among other improvements.

iNPUT-ACE 2.5.1 Details

In this latest release, we focused primarily on new file format support. iNPUT-ACE 2.5.1 adds 30+ new video formats allowing users to instantly drag-drop-play thousands of proprietary formats for more powerful and efficient investigations.

New Playable Formats with iNPUT-ACE 2.5.1 Include:

  • .PSF (from Digital Watchdog and others)
  • Additional Genetec .G64 /.G64x files
  • Several new .EXE formats
  • Several new H.265 formats

Improvements from iNPUT-ACE 2.5

In addition to the new File Formats, version 2.5.1 brings several fixes to the software. Here are a few changes you can expect in 2.5.1:

  • Fixed issue with Deinterlace node
  • Users can now manually set date/timestamp on any file to easily synchronize the data with other camera angles
  • Fixed issue with “include input filename” checkbox for Workflows using Subclips
  • Fixed issue with exporting saved Workflows
  • + more

Ready To Update?

Most users will be prompted to update the next time they open iNPUT-ACE. Offline users can get the latest version from:

Interested in iNPUT-ACE Platinum Support?

Our standard support team is committed to providing every user with excellent phone/email support. As part of this service, when a user submits a new File Format request, these requests are prioritized based on the number of times the format has been requested in the past and in the order the requests arrive. In addition to this standard support option, we now offer Platinum Support to expedite these requests.

Platinum Support provides subscribers access to a new development team at iNPUT-ACE. This team is dedicated to expediting File Format requests and is rapidly growing our library of supported video formats. Instead of waiting for our standard development team to implement File Formats, Platinum Support subscribers gain 3 “Expedited Format Request” tickets that can be used to push a high-priority File Format to the front of our queue. These Expedited Format Requests can be often completed within 24-hours!

Here’s how Platinum Support works in detail:

  • If you encounter an unplayable proprietary video format that is standing in the way of your critical video-focused investigation, reach out to our team at
  • Our new dedicated Platinum Support Team will push your File Format request to the front of the queue and begin working on it immediately.
  • Once the File Format is “solved,” our development team will send a .AceFormat file for you to import into your iNPUT-ACE software. Next time you launch iNPUT-ACE, it will be able to playback and process this new format instantly (all without needing to download an update of iNPUT-ACE).

Contact us today to purchase your Platinum Support for $500.

Special thanks to iNPUT-ACE’s new platinum service for taking the time to troubleshoot a wacky codec for me in a high profile case where I had little time to undergo the trial and error process myself. I sent them a sample clip and they literally turned it around in about 30 minutes with a plugin for iNPUT-ACE to view the video. Cool service!

Jordan Huslig | Digital Forensic Analyst, CFCE, CFVA | Grand Junction, CO Police Dept

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