Drag, drop, and play multiple files at once in iNPUT-ACE.


iNPUT-ACE | LiteiNPUT-ACE | Full

Video evidence does not generally arrive in standard formats like MP4 and AVI, instead the important evidence is more likely in proprietary formats like .DAV, .IRF, .EXE, .SSF, etc.

With iNPUT-ACE, investigators can drag and drop this evidence into an intuitive interface and begin instantly playing their video files.

Watch how it works.

Convert to Standard Formats

iNPUT-ACE | LiteiNPUT-ACE | Full

iNPUT-ACE provides the flexibility to convert proprietary video files to any number of standard output formats such as AVI or MP4, all without changing a single pixel within the images.

This allows investigators to deliver video evidence to court while adhering to local restrictions or disclosure requirements.

Conversions can also be performed as a batch on hundreds of files at once – saving an agency time and money.

See it in action. 

Convert multiple files into easy to share file types at the same time.
Tagged image in video evidence in assault case.

Expedite Video Investigation

iNPUT-ACE | LiteiNPUT-ACE | Full

iNPUT-ACE allows investigators to tag relevant images and clips into organized groups, helping to combine a variety of multimedia into a seamless chronological account of the events from any camera angle.

Combine a variety of video sources, track suspects, and extract relevant images within a seamless workflow.


iNPUT-ACE | Full

The powerful iNPUT-ACE Narrative Report tool is the most effective method for investigators to present the content of their video evidence.

Video evidence is visual, so why write a report with words alone? With the intuitive iNPUT-ACE Narrative Report tool, investigators can easily generate dynamic reports with auto embedded image and video files.

All embedded video clips and images are contained within a single .PDF file, making it easy to share the reports with other investigators or attorneys without the need for specialized software.

Narrative Report for an assault case.
Repeatable workflow in iNPUT-ACE.

Build Repeatable Workflows

iNPUT-ACE | Full

Through the simple drag and drop actions on the iNPUT-ACE workflow tab, investigators can intuitively apply a variety of filters and advanced processes to their evidence.

These filters include simple actions like crop and resize, as well as powerful functions like enhancements, producing demonstrative exhibits, stabilizing shaky video, tracking suspects and much more.


iNPUT-ACE | Full

Within the iNPUT-ACE workflow tab, images and video can be enhanced with a push of a button, providing additional clarity to important evidence.

Uncover hidden information in video images with powerful and easy-to-use clarification tools.

Watch how it works.

Clarify images to reveal details like the make, model, and color of a vehicle in the dark.
Watch multiple camera angles all at one time with the tiled view of the sync option.


iNPUT-ACE | Full

Video evidence is everywhere, and frequently multiple camera angles are available of the same incident.

iNPUT-ACE provides investigators with a simple tool to automatically tile these cameras into a canvas, allowing the viewer to watch multiple camera angles at the same time.

Track Suspects

iNPUT-ACE | Full

When a suspect is visible moving in and out of various camera views, investigators can quickly combine each of these observations into a single video file – allowing the viewer to track the suspects actions chronologically within a single clip.

These “concatenated” clips provide the court with a thorough account of all the suspects actions from every camera view.

See it in action. 

Track suspect movement with the “concatenated” clips option.
Watch multiple camera angles all at one time with the tiled view of the sync option.

Camera Match Overlay

iNPUT-ACE | Add-On

Leverage outside video and imagery to calibrate and accurately overlay onto 3D point cloud data. The Camera Match Overlay Tool enables calculations that will determine positions, distances, heights, and other key measurements with your native 3D scanning software.

A faster, easier alternative to traditional reverse projection or camera matching processes that result in accurate, court-ready demonstrative exhibits.

Watch a short demonstration. 

Produce Demonstrative Exhibits

iNPUT-ACE | Full

Investigators can expose regions of interest by tiling a clarified clip side-by-side with the original file – producing a demonstrative exhibit that highlights both the original untouched footage and the clarified results.

A demonstrative exhibit tiling a clarified clip side-by-side with the original file.
Shaky video is smoothed with the stabilize option.


iNPUT-ACE | Full

With a push of a button, shaky body-worn or hand-held video becomes smooth and easier to watch with the iNPUT-ACE Stabilize feature. As with every other tool in iNPUT-ACE the function is repeatable and can be batch processed on a large number of files.


iNPUT-ACE | Full

Compressed video evidence is often misinterpreted due to limitations in compression technology. Within iNPUT-ACE video analysts can expose these limitations by visualizing the amount of compression in every area on an image, and by highlighting regions that may not be reliable.

Report showing metadata and hashing.


iNPUT-ACE | Full

Through a combination of features such as metadata analysis, hexadecimal analysis, and hashing, iNPUT-ACE provides tools to ensure an investigator is prepared to testify accurately to all video evidence uncovered by the program.

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Is iNPUT-ACE Buy USA Compliant?

Yes. iNPUT-ACE is designed, developed, and supported in the United States by a Certified team of Forensic Video Experts and Technicians.

Can I try out the software before buying?

Yes. To request a 30-day trial of iNPUT-ACE, please fill out the request form HERE.

Can iNPUT-ACE be used in court?

Yes. Evidence generated by iNPUT-ACE is used frequently in courts across North America and abroad. The software has been validated and tested by hundreds of certified video analysts and technicians. Workflows used within iNPUT-ACE to process video are repeatable and can be saved for future use.

Do you offer bulk discounts of the iNPUT-ACE software?

Yes. We offer bulk discounts to agencies purchasing 5+ licenses of the software. Agencies purchasing 100+ licenses will receive the largest discounts. To request a quote for the iNPUT-ACE software, please fill out the request form HERE.

Can I use my iNPUT-ACE license on multiple machines?

Yes. iNPUT-ACE offers multiple licensing options including:

  • Seat License – Multiple licenses designed to be used by teams in a shared work environment of 25 or more investigators. This option gives your entire team access to the tools they need to access and share video evidence for casework.
  • USB Dongle – This license uses a portable USB device allowing investigators to use the software on any system. This option has a lower initial cost and the on-going subscription provides users with more flexibility.
  • Perpetual – This license is locked to a single machine. As one of the more cost-effective options (with long-term use), Perpetual Licenses are best suited to a single user that does all of their investigative work on one workstation.
  • Lite license – This is also a Perpetual License that is locked to a single machine. This option allows investigators to access proprietary file formats, tag images, create Subclips and convert to standard formats. This licensing option is meant for investigators that do not need access to our suite of advanced features.

How can I receive training on iNPUT-ACE?

Occam Video Solutions provides several training options for iNPUT-ACE, including:

  • 2-day hands-on courses hosted by an agency
    To request a course in your area, or to host a course in your facility, please fill out the request form HERE
  • Recordings of our webinars can be found online HERE

    Where can I download the most recent release of the iNPUT-ACE software?

    Download the current version of iNPUT-ACE HERE.

    What are the system requirements for running iNPUT-ACE?

    iNPUT-ACE will function on any Windows 7 or Windows 10 machine with 8GB of RAM and at least 10GB of free space for the scratch disk. The best user experience will be on machines with at least 16GB of RAM, a solid state drive, and either an Intel I7 or AMD Ryzen 5 (or better) processor.

    What is the cost of iNPUT-ACE?

    To request a price quote for the iNPUT-ACE software, please fill out the request form HERE.

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