Response to Imminent Need for many Law Enforcement Professionals to Work at Home

Our team at iNPUT-ACE will be delivering a free ‘Work-at-Home’ license to meet the unique needs of our law enforcement and private sector partners who are performing video related investigations at home during these extraordinary times. 

We have committed to ensuring that our first responders and investigators can continue to meet the critical needs of their communities during their on-going investigative responsibilities. In an effort to limit exposure to the COVID-19 disease, many state, provincial, and local agencies are encouraging non-essential law enforcement employees to work from home; some departments are asking technicians, analysts and even essential staff to do the same.  Over the last few days, we have been swamped with requests to provide an iNPUT-ACE license that will allow investigators and analysts to continue their work from the safety of a remote setting, supporting CDC and pandemic experts’ directives to minimize social contact.

Effective immediately, we will provide a free license of iNPUT-ACE for the duration of this crises to anyone conducting video investigation work from home or from a remote location.

If your agency allows you to work remotely and that work involves the examination of video evidence, please contact us and our team will immediately activate your remote license.

Our head office is located in Washington State, the epicenter of this crisis in the US.  Like many other state executives, our Governor has just announced a ‘shelter-in-place’ order for the entire state.  Anticipating our responsibility to reduce unnecessary social contact, our staff had already been working from home and we remain fully equipped to continue to meet all of your support needs.

We encourage as many of our customers who can work at home to do so, and we are committed to making every effort to support this goal.


Andrew Fredericks

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