The iNPUT-ACE software is a powerful multimedia workflow engine for police investigators that helps streamline the analysis and processing of video evidence for legal matters. Developed in the United States, iNPUT-ACE was tested and validated by over 60 Certified law enforcement forensic video professionals who helped grow the software into what it is today.

Now, iNPUT-ACE’s simple drag-and-drop interface allows investigators, attorneys, and forensic video analysts to manage their video related casework in a streamlined and forensically sound manner.

How iNPUT-ACE can help youSEE FEATURES


Read hundreds of proprietary video file formats


Batch process files into court-ready standardized formats


Enhance video evidence


Write dynamic Narrative Reports


Stabilize shaky video


Track suspects through multiple camera views


Combine video from multiple sources


Analyze video codec structures


Calculate timing between images


And much more!

Hear how it has helped people working with video evidence. TESTIMONIALS


iNPUT-ACE is designed, developed, and supported by LEVA Certified Forensic Video Analysts and Technicians with over 30 years of experience in law enforcement. Based in the United States, our team is available for all sales/support questions, and continues to provide multimedia training to law enforcement across North America and abroad.

Please see our EVENTS page for information about all upcoming hands-on iNPUT-ACE classes and investigator training courses.

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