At iNPUT-ACE our mission is to empower investigators with intuitive tools, expert training, and comprehensive support to further video-centric investigations.  We strive to ensure every investigator can extract actionable intelligence from video evidence and quickly solve the technical challenges that are common in video files.

Our Story

With decades of experience, our team has seen firsthand how frequently video can be a misleading witness. Although it is one of the most prolific sources of evidence available, video is often not processed with the same attention to detail as other sources of evidence like blood stains and fingerprints. The iNPUT-ACE software provides a forensically sound environment for investigators to properly interrogate this powerful witness and ensures that video-centric investigations are streamlined. Our software was built by investigators, for investigators with a focus on accuracy, simplicity, and speed.

The iNPUT-ACE team consists of certified forensic video analysts/technicians and former law enforcement officials who continue to conduct active video-centric investigations and analysis. Because our team is at the forefront of practically applying video from the crime scene to the courtroom, we are constantly progressing our software to meet the evolving needs of public safety around the world.

In order for our users to leverage the iNPUT-ACE software more deeply and increase case closure rates within their community, our team maintains a significant focus on delivering training and instruction for our customers. Every year our team trains thousands of investigators and analysts and this initiative has led to the creation of our new Online Training program that now offers a certification process on every aspect of our software.

Our Support Team, based in Spokane Washington, consists of certified video experts who understand the challenges our customers face and continuously delivers unparalleled support. Our team actively testifies in both criminal and civil investigations and have undergone Daubert, Frye, and Mohan challenges, so we understand how critical video evidence is to a case and the role it has in the courtroom. This is why we do what we do.  We are your partner for all things video, and everything we do supports that mission.

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

From 9/11 to The Vancouver Riots – The iNPUT-ACE Story

When four US passenger airliners were highjacked and the Twin Towers came down on September 11, 2001, ubiquitous video surveillance was not yet part of the American landscape. In fact, the terrorists made their way through three of the nation’s busiest airports, Logan International in Boston, Washington-Dulles in Virginia, and Newark International in New Jersey, as the coordinated attack unfolded with just a single visual record of the movements of the hijackers…


iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

iNPUT-ACE Release 2.6.3: The VFR Lightboard is now Available!

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

Los Angeles County Sheriff Selects iNPUT-ACE Agency License

Improve Video Literacy with Video Investigator Course

Improve Video Literacy with the New Investigator Course


Meet Our Team

Grant Fredericks
Grant Fredericks

Senior Advisor

Grant Fredericks is a Certified Forensic Video Analyst and a contract instructor at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA. He is the owner of Forensic Video Solutions and is an instructor for the Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association. As a consultant for Major Crime and Joint Forces Operations involving video evidence, Grant has provided technical assistance for high‐profile investigations in the UK, Canada, the United States and in many other jurisdictions around the world. Grant was the Technical Manager for a large-scale criminal investigation in 2011 involving over 5,000 hours of video evidence, directing the work of fifty forensic video analysts from the US, Canada and the UK. His work won the IACP’s top award for Technical Advances in a Criminal Investigation. Grant is a consultant to the US Department of Justice, the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the National Institute of Justice and is a co‐author of the standards document Digital Video Systems Minimum Performance Specifications for Digital In‐Car Video Recording Systems for US law enforcement agencies. Grant is a former police officer and coordinator of the Vancouver Police Forensic Video Unit in Canada.

Brandon Wahl
Brandon Wahl

Director of Sales & Support Services

Brandon is a LEVA Certified Forensic Video Technician and manages the support services for the iNPUT-ACE software. As a Forensic Video Technician, Brandon has assisted in hundreds of video-centric investigations and continues to help agencies accurately decode proprietary video file formats, process digital multimedia evidence, and prep demonstratives for court. Brandon has been a member of the iNPUT-ACE team since the launch of the software in 2016 and currently manages the support services for the powerful software program.
Andrew Fredericks
Andrew Fredericks

Technical Director

Andrew is a Certified Forensic Video Analyst and the Technical Director for iNPUT-ACE: a video evidence software solution that is used by law enforcement agencies worldwide.  Andrew directs the development, training, and support for iNPUT-ACE, and continues to conduct forensic video analysis casework throughout North America and abroad.  As a forensic video analyst, Andrew has been qualified as an expert and testified in various courts in the USA and Canada.  Andrew specializes in decoding proprietary video file formats, video workflow automation, and conducting 3D laser scanning reverse projection.  Andrew also teaches these methodologies to thousands of police investigators and forensic video analysts every year.

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