Last year, we embarked on a journey to further our mission of expanding video literacy for every investigator. The ideas were big: meet somewhere warm, have social events, create connections and memories. It would need to include the best instructional talent, the latest case studies from current events and the best hands-on training for legal professionals, reconstructionist, forensic experts and anyone else who interacts with video evidence on its way to the courtroom. And then, came COVID…

Like everyone in 2020, we found a way to proceed and use the benefits of digital interaction to our advantage. We took the event online and were thankful to be together and to continue growing and learning. And it seemed to work.

We were joined by over 600 professionals as the instructors poured out their experiences and knowledge in a new and strangely comfortable way.

Fast Forward – The 2021 Symposium

We learned a lot in 2020, and that’s where the 2021 Symposium picks up. We will explore what has changed and the ways that we can adapt. To truly understand what is happening and what we can do, we started a large effort to collect data from all kinds of investigators who work with video evidence.

The 2021 Video Trends Survey asked important questions to large and small agencies from all over North America and abroad. We gathered data on the different kinds of evidence investigators are encountering, the volume of evidence and the challenges that still remain for many agencies.

We learned a LOT and we are excited to share the results and the ways that investigators across the world are solving these challenges while increasing closure rates and saving massive amounts of time.

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

Data from the 2021 Trend Survey

What Is New at the 2021 Symposium?

We have an exceptional line-up of experts with all new content. Head over to the 2021 Symposium page to read about the speakers. 

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training


Here is a quick summary of the session topics we have planned. To see speakers and full descriptions for each session, visit our Schedule Page.

  • Video Investigation Units – How the Media is Leveraging Open Source Intelligence to Conduct Forensic Video Examinations
  • Civilian Oversight – The Influence of Video on Public Perception
  • Video Examination and Admissibility in the Courtroom – Are you an Expert?
  • Fusion of 3D Technologies and Imagery
  • Advancements in Technology for Calculating Speeds
  • Defending Against Recent Challenges to Video Evidence
  • Fast Forward – Emerging Trends in Video Evidence
  • Hands-On Workshop

Join us at the 2021 Symposium

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

Video Transcript

Many people believe that video is the silent witness that should speak for itself in the courtroom. However, if you were one of the nearly 700 people who attended the 2020 Online Video Evidence Symposium, you would have seen first-hand just how flawed this perspective can be.

Video is the most prolific source of evidence available to investigators with over 85% of cases involving some form of video evidence. A recent law enforcement survey found that 1/3 of officers who testify about video evidence are unaware of its limitations. Interestingly the survey found that the more training an investigator received, the more concerned they were about potential misinterpretation from simply pressing play.

This year’s Symposium will further our mission to promote video literacy to anyone who touches video evidence on its way to the courtroom. You’ll hear from Forensic Video Analysts, Experienced Attorneys, Major Crimes Investigators, and Collision Investigators who will educate you on topics about video evidence limitations, admissibility issues, and new technology workflows to simplify and broaden investigations.

I hope you will join us the week of March 22rd.  Visit our website for early bird pricing and discounts for your unit.

See you then!