2018 has been full of exciting changes and additions for the iNPUT-ACE team. We are extremely grateful to our customers for sharing your success using iNPUT-ACE and providing valuable feedback to help our team create new tools and features. Here is a brief rundown of all the new and improved features over the last year.

Major Changes to the Narrative Report Tool

We started by adding a dynamic word processor that saves your report in pdf format so anyone with a pdf viewer can easily examine the evidence and correlated reporting. Additional features and improvements include:

  • Embedded video and imagesReport Template Examples
  • Prebuilt report templates for BOLOs, Missing Person Alerts, Person of Interest Alerts, and Forensic Video Analysis Reports
  • A dynamic table of contents
  • Title pages you can customize—add logos and/or your CV
  • Ability to insert new blank pages into a report
  • Undo/redo buttons
  • Improved shape anchoring
  • Faster reloading time

Improvements to Features in the Interrogate TabFour views of the new expanding file list option.

Dragging proprietary files into the interrogate tab file list to immediately play and scrub through video is a huge time saver, but we wanted to make the playback experience even better. We started with the file list and the addition of adjustable width—just drag the list out to make it wide enough to read the entire file name and slide it back to dedicate the space to the playback window. Other notable changes to the file list include:

  • Drag and drop file organization
  • Orange highlight on the file name of video open in the interrogate tab
  • Group counter that indicates the number of files in the project
  • Unique icons to clarify between marked images, subclips, and video files

To save you time when you are reviewing video, the fast forward function now gives you the ability to view video 2, 4, or even 6 times faster. Just press the new fast forward button to start and to resume the default speed just press the play button again. One more improvement to your playback experience is the frame rate option in the file’s settings that allows you to override the files default frame rate. This is a great solution for playing back relevant sequences in slow motion or correcting the frame rate timing to play in real-time.

But the “biggest” change was making playback go fullscreen. We know that having files playback at a larger size can make it easier to spot details and track them throughout your evidence, so we have a brand-new option for you. Easily pop out the playback window with the timeline controls intact and increase it to full screen, and then it reverts just as quickly to the standard display whenever you are ready.

Expandable window demonstration

New and Improved Filters

Rotate NodeWe added a new rotate node that allows you to easily rotate video during a workflow process. You can use it to rotate video clips or still images horizontally, vertically, clockwise, or counterclockwise. And for the times you need to save your footage in a larger size, the resize node now includes options to instantly double, triple, and quadruple the width/height without having to do the math to keep proportions constrained and avoid accidentally skewing the aspect ratio. You get accurate resizing every time with a single mouse click.

New License Options to Suit Your Needs

To make the software accessible in ways that better suit your needs and your budget we added three new options in 2018.

iNPUT-ACE | Lite

For users that simply want to play and convert proprietary DVR files, iNPUT-ACE | Lite gives you the tools you will use at a reduced cost that makes sense for your needs. This version includes:

  • Drag/Drop/Play almost any video format (including challenging proprietary DVR files like. IRF, .EXE, .SEC – and hundreds more)
  • Extract images and clips
  • Batch convert video files into standard formats

The Lite version works hand-in-hand with the full version to improve inter-agency collaboration between investigation teams, forensic units, and the prosecutors.


One of the most common requests was to be able to easily move licenses from one machine to another. The solution is our USB Dongle license. Now you can seamlessly move your software and projects allowing you to move between workstations or take it into the field on your laptop for instant access at the crime scene—just plug in the dongle and you are ready to work.

Seat Licenses for Agencies

Investigation teams with a seat license can concurrently access installations under a single license—dramatically reducing the cost associated with outfitting a large team with software. Your team will be able to use the tools within iNPUT-ACE to playback their video evidence, tag relevant data, produce BOLO reports, and convert their content to court-ready formats. Then, investigators can save their iNPUT-ACE project files and easily send the content to a video unit, IT department, digital/video forensics unit, prosecutors, or anyone else who needs to see the organized evidence for future work. Just like our other license options, installation happens at the machine level instead of on your network, so it only requires an internet connection to activate the software. And when your agency outgrows their block of licenses, simply let us know and your plan can be scaled to fit your changing needs.

Looking Forward—Coming in 2019

After all this growth, you might expect us to take a break but that’s just not our style. We already have some great things in the works for 2019. Watch for the release of the Overlay Tool for point clouds from 3D Laser Scanners and online training options in the first part of the year.

And keep sending us your feedback, your idea could be the next improvement we make. To make sure you are in the know on all the improvements and new tools, follow us on LinkedIn and connect with us directly at info@input-ace.com.

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