Video Integration Suite (VIS)

VIS is a powerful back-end API based solution that allows applications to play and convert proprietary video formats, including surveillance, in-car, body worn, mobile and many other video sources. The Video Integration Suite is a simple .NET API that provides developers access to the playback and conversion engine. Files processed through VIS are converted into lossless MP4 files, maintaining video evidence at the highest quality. Expand your offering by supporting the most pervasive source of evidence, video.

Expand Your Capabilities to Play and Convert Proprietary Video Formats

Video cameras are everywhere, in fact, every day, 6 billion+ hours of professionally installed CCTV video is recorded globally. Whether you have video from mobile phones, body-worn camera or Digital CCTV video evidence uses thousands of different file formats that cannot be played directly. Instead, users will often have to try and find a codec that plays the video back, never realizing the impact that a generic player can have. 

Unfortunately, many investigators have created unique ways to try and manage these original source files, which can result in breaking the chain of custody. In addition, many player applications (often including the CCTV manufacturer’s own software) can lead to dropped frames, stretched objects, and inaccurate colors – causing challenges for video related investigations and disclosure requirements.

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training
iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

Key Benefits


Seamlessly convert non-standard formats so they can play within your platform


Eliminate dropped frames and other errors from faulty file conversion


Completely lossless MP4 output


Hash validation for verifying lossless evidence


Keep all your evidence in one place


At iNPUT-ACE, our mission is to empower investigators with intuitive tools, expert training, and comprehensive support to further video-centric investigations. We strive to ensure every investigator can extract actionable intelligence from video evidence without being slowed down by the technical challenges that are common in video files.

Proprietary video files are always a challenge. Solving this challenge requires identifying how the DVR manufacturer has “masked” their video. As a technical example, some manufacturers will flip every third byte of data so that it appears out of order in the file. When the iNPUT-ACE development team adds support for a new format, we are identifying patterns that can be used to “solve the puzzle” and make the content playable again. Since many manufacturers use similar puzzles, adding support for new formats will commonly add support for dozens of other formats by different manufacturers. Through our VIS offering, you get immediate access to the newest innovations in playback.

Integrations For VIS

Analytics Solutions

The first casualties of digital video compression are image quality and accuracy, which impacts video analytics algorithms. When importing video content into your analytics solution, it is important that the image quality is maintained. However, surveillance camera technology produces thousands of different file formats that cannot be loaded directly into analytical solutions without first being converted. Converting videos with the wrong tool can drop video frames, change object shapes, and affect color values – all of which degrade the success of analytics tools.

Evidence Management Systems

Digital CCTV cameras record evidence into thousands of different file formats that cannot be played directly in Evidence Management Solutions. Many commercial player applications (often including the CCTV manufacturer’s own software) can alter the video in ways that misdirect critical cases, causing challenges for video related investigations and disclosure requirements. 

Redaction Tool

Redaction requires perfection. A slipped facial blur, a skipped image, a misinterpretation of color values, or an incorrectly displayed shape can easily expose a protected face-threatening the lives of undercover agents or compromising the innocent. It’s difficult to achieve perfection when your video file has been corrupted, which is why VIS is an ideal integration.

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iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

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