Police Chief Magazine April 2019 IssueThere is no disagreement: video evidence is a part of almost every criminal investigation and understanding how to use video effectively and efficiently is paramount to a positive case outcome. iNPUT-ACE Director of Law Enforcement Training, Grant Fredericks, is highlighted in the April issue of Police Chief Magazine, which explores the value of video-examination training for investigators. “It’s not uncommon … to sit across the aisle from an opposing “expert” who has analyzed evidence and offered an opinion but has never taken any video-related courses.” says Fredericks. The article outlines the value of video evidence and underscores the responsibility of agencies to ensure investigators have the necessary skills to deal with what is likely the most prolific source of evidence available in a society where visual surveillance is so ubiquitous. “As an impartial, third-party recording of events ranging from shoplifting to massive terrorist events, video can be decisive evidence in the fight against crime … Gone are the days of relying solely on eyewitness testimony.”

The article explores how focused training exposes investigators to simple methods leading to the discovery and exploitation of hidden details captured within the video evidence including frame rate details for Use of Force and crash investigations, motion detection verification, resolution analysis for identification related casework, and the time and date authentication.

At iNPUT-ACE, we understand that most agencies don’t have the resources to support a forensic video unit, as a result, the majority of video examinations fall on their investigators. The two-day hands-on course Video Examinations for the Police Investigator instructed by Grant Fredericks, Certified Forensic Analyst, Expert Witness, Owner of Forensic Video Solutions, and Director of Law Enforcement Training at iNPUT-ACE gives investigators the training they need to work confidently and accurately with video evidence.

With the right tools and training, every agency can harness the power of video evidence to solve cases and make their communities safer. If you are looking to build a strong foundation for video examinations within your investigative units, iNPUT-ACE has the solution.

For a complete list of courses near you, please review our events page. And if your agency would like to host the two-day hands-on course Video Examinations for the Police Investigator, please contact us at info@input-ace.com.

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