Video Examinations for Police Investigators

Prepare yourself and your team for the growing body of video evidence available today with this updated version of the Investigator Course.


Video is the most prolific source of evidence available to police today, yet it is often technically challenging and is frequently misinterpreted when handled incorrectly.

This Video Examinations course exposes investigators to the latest techniques to accurately examine digital multimedia evidence for criminal investigations. Each section of the course focuses on both:

  • Specific technical limitations that investigators need to understand to properly handle and review video
  • Opportunities that investigators can leverage to get more out of their video evidence

Participants begin each section with a short, instructor-led overview of an investigative technique or issue before venturing into hands-on exercises from real-world Major Crime casework where video evidence played a critical role.

Through step-by-step exercises, students become proficient in best practice methods for interrogating video evidence and producing final observations, shot lists, and reports in preparation for charge approval and trial.

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Investigators who successfully complete this course will improve their video literacy, gain an awareness of video evidence limitations, and become proficient in executing industry-standard investigative techniques while appreciating the need to “stay in their lane” and accepting when to seek help from an expert.

Video evidence is not the silent witness that many believe it to be, and this course is critical for every investigator and prosecutor who touches video on its way from the crime scene to the court room.

The course includes two 4-hour modules:

Video Literacy - Intro and Best Practice

Video Examinations: Intro and Best Practices

4-Hours of Instruction | 12-4 pm EST


This module is designed for investigators, detectives, and any other person who interacts with video evidence. During this module, participants will learn how to expedite video related casework, understand key video evidence terminology, recognize basic legal issues, and understand what they can do safely with this critical form of evidence. Each lesson will be coupled with a hands-on experience that demonstrates best practice with real case files.

Learning Objectives

  • Define basic terminology when working with video
  • Build competence through hands-on exercises using real case files
  • Overcome technical challenges with proprietary video files
  • Recognize how improper playback methods can alter the appearance of suspect activity in video
  • Learn to play and process video files safely without accidental alterations

Who Should Attend?

  • Every Investigator who might encounter video evidence

Upcoming Dates

09 December Video Examinations Investigator Training-Online

Investigator: Intro & Best Practices – Module 1

December 9, 2021 Online $245.00 Live Training Class, Online
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Video Literacy - Video Review and Workflows

Video Examinations: Video Review and Workflows

4-Hours of Instruction


This second module guides investigators to the next level, providing proficiency and speed to video related criminal investigations. Learn advanced techniques to gain near instant access to proprietary digital video evidence without having to go back to the original DVR. Identify the most common mistakes and learn how to avoid them. Receive basic training that will dramatically enhance your efficiency.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand best practices for handling video from the crime scene to the court room
  • Learn common legal challenges and how to protect evidence during testimony
  • Review case examples where improper video practices lead to evidence dismissal during trial
  • Practice creating powerful demonstrative exhibits
  • Enhance the efficiency of videocentric investigations

Recommended Prerequisite

  • Video Examinations: Introduction and Best Practices

Upcoming Dates

10 December Video Examinations Investigator Training-Online

Investigator: Video Review and Workflows – Module 2

December 10, 2021 Online $245.00 Live Training Class, Online
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