Video Literacy: What Every Investigator Needs to Know

Prepare yourself and your team for the growing body of video evidence available today with this updated version of our Investigator Course.


Video is the most prolific source of evidence available to investigators today, yet it is often technically challenging and is frequently misinterpreted when handled incorrectly.

This Video Literacy course exposes students to the latest methodologies for accurately interrogating digital multimedia evidence in criminal investigations. Each section of the course focuses on a specific technical limitation that investigators need to understand to properly handle and review video.

Students begin each section with a short, instructor-led lecture on the topic and then participate in guided hands-on exercises from real homicide/robbery cases where video evidence was dismissed or limited due to technical issues. Through step-by-step exercises, students become proficient in best practice methods for interrogating video evidence and producing final observations, shot lists, and reports for the Trier of Fact.

Training and Support for Forensic Video Analysis
Video Evidence Course - Video Literacy

Learning Objectives


Learn the basic terminology when working with video


Recognize when you can do something safely, and when you need an expert


Understand the role of a forensic video analyst


Identify why video evidence from real cases was dismissed


Understand best practice when preparing for court


Receive hands-on experience with real case files

Students who successfully complete this course will improve their video literacy, have an awareness of video evidence limitations, and be proficient in executing industry-standard investigative techniques while understanding when to “stay in their lane” and seek help from an expert.

Video evidence is not the silent witness that many believe it to be, and this course is critical for every investigator and prosecutor who touches video on its way from the crime scene to the court room.

Key Facts:

  • Integrates both presentations from experts and hands-on experience with actual case files
  • Multiple dates available
  • The course is provided online, although we can provide the course in-person by special request (see form)
  • This is the updated version of our Investigator Class

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