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Why invest in Video Evidence Training?

Video is the most prolific source of evidence available to police today – it is involved in 85% of all cases and it’s frequently featured in the news.

Despite being a vital source of evidence, very little training exists on how to review video evidence effectively and efficiently. In fact, the 2021 Video Evidence Trends Report found that 43% of Major Crimes Investigators who testified in court about video evidence had less than 10 hours of training!

Grant Fredericks, a certified Forensic Video Analyst and lecturer at the FBI National Academy, explained the importance of video training for police officers:

“While I was in the Police Academy, they taught us how to shoot a gun, use handcuffs, apply minimal force, testify in court, and write a police report, among other basic policing functions.

Today it’s still pretty much the same in most police academies throughout North America, but there is no video literacy training.

And yet, police officers will use video more than they use their gun, more than they use force or testify and they will likely even use video more than they use handcuffs. Video is more common to police work today than any of the other functions that are currently taught.”

Video is such a crucial part of modern investigations, and agencies simply cannot afford to get it wrong.

Police Training: Testifying in Court about Video Evidence

Why Choose Our Training Content?

World Class Instructors

iNPUT-ACE was founded and is maintained by forensic video analysts and technicians. Learn from our decades of combined experience with investigating video, testifying in court, and training investigators.

Grow your Confidence

Investigators who get asked to testify about video without any training are in a very difficult position. Our content will help equip you to testify with greater knowledge and confidence.

Flexible Options

We provide both live and on-demand training options that can be accessed online from anywhere in the world. Our training library has over 60 total hours worth of content!


Earn Training Credits

Upon completion of your training, we will provide a certificate that can be used to apply for training credits for programs including LEVA, ACTAR, and others.

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Video Evidence Training Options:

Improve Video Literacy with Video Investigator Course

Video Examinations for Police Investigators

If you’re looking for training on video evidence, this live, online and interactive course is the perfect place to start. The course is critical for every investigator and prosecutor who touches video on its way from the crime scene to the court room.

Investigators who successfully complete this course will improve their video literacy, gain an awareness of video evidence limitations, and become proficient in executing industry-standard investigative techniques while appreciating the need to “stay in their lane” and accepting when to seek help from an expert.

iNPUT-ACE Certification Courses

You’re going to love our innovative, live, online training courses that take a hands-on approach to teaching best practice for handling video evidence.

These courses will help you grow professionally and you can earn certifications and CEU credits. Register below to get started on earning your iNPUT-ACE User Certifications!

Police Training Course Certifications - Video Evidence
Video Literacy Course iNPUT-ACE and FVS

On-Demand Training Content

Our annual Video Evidence Symposium brings together the brightest minds and thought leaders in the world of video evidence. These events are conducted live, but you can access the on-demand content through our online Portal.

There are a total of eighteen different 90-minute training videos available on-demand – that is 27 total hours of training content!