iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

The team at iNPUT-ACE is thrilled to announce the release of version 2.7.0!

This major update includes several significant upgrades. Most notably is the new and improved On Screen Text node, enhancements to the handling of video with variable frame rates, upgrades to the new VFR Lightboard tool, several new formats (including the frequently requested Panasonic Arbitrator AV3 format), and many additional improvements throughout the application.

The release of 2.7.0 also includes the ability to play and process tons of new video and audio formats.

In these release notes, we’ll highlight some of these changes and discuss how they will improve your video evidence investigations.

New & Improved On Screen Text

Investigators around the world use iNPUT-ACE to build powerful demonstratives. The new and improved on screen text capabilities enable users to display a corrected date and time on video, add a title for the demonstrative, highlight the frame number, and more!  

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

A single click on the text box allows you to move and place the text anywhere on your video. Double-clicking on the text box will allow you to add any text you desire while also changing the size, color, and font of the on screen text.

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

iNPUT-ACE leverages the ability to incorporate more than just a title. Using a convenient drop-down menu, you can select additional variables to display. Add a correct timestamp, picture type (I, B or P frames), or frame number (frame number inside the file). These assets are pulled directly from the metadata of the input file.

You can also directly type into the text box using a tokenized string (%timestamp) to add these same values. The improved functionality of our On Screen Text node will allow you to place valuable visual information as required on to your video evidence.

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

Our team is working diligently to add additional sources of metadata to the On Screen Text node that will be coming soon in future releases.

Panasonic Arbitrator AV3 & More!

Panasonic’s Arbitrator AV3 audio and video and EXE formats are common file formats that have been frequently requested by iNPUT-ACE users. They are now here!

You can load Panasonic AV3 files and various EXE files directly into iNPUT-ACE. You can play them, interrogate them, synchronize AV3 and EXE files them with other video formats, convert them, and more – all through the same public safety grade video evidence solution.

Improved Synchronization, Audio & New Formats

Audio is making a big splash in version 2.7.0. Since the earliest versions of iNPUT-ACE, Milestone .blk video could be played and converted automatically from the file list. Now in Version 2.7.0 we’ve synchronized the audio and video sources for you. This is just one example, but many formats now include synchronized playback of the video and audio streams such as formats from Genetec, Verint, L-3 Mobile, March Networks, Milestone SmartClient, and MagicLite, just to name a few.

Our team has once again added several new formats to iNPUT-ACE. Our world-class support team continues to offer Aceformat files to users when they encounter a video that cannot play. Our patent-pending developer tools help provide a custom decoder for the user that allows iNPUT-ACE to properly play the file. Many of these decoders are now included in Version 2.7.0 making iNPUT-ACE the global leader for the number of formats we can play, analyze, and process.

Enhanced Processing of Variable Frame Rate Video

Many new formats will now include date and time information. As discussed in our recent webinar (see below), many files do not have a standard method for storing date and time information.

Now with iNPUT-ACE Version 2.7.0 our team has unlocked a completely new method for decoding these proprietary date and time structures, ensuring that the files play back and can be converted within iNPUT-ACE while continuing to maintain this valuable timing information!

The highly-anticipated VFR Lightboard Tool has already received some upgrades.

The new VFR Lightboard was part of the iNPUT-ACE 2.6.3 release. The Lightboard provides an easy workflow to accurately calculate vehicle speeds from any surveillance camera device within a reported margin of error.

With this release, the VFR Lightboard tool has some new features that will improve speed and usability for Investigators and analysts looking to calculate speed from video evidence.

For more information, please visit our recent webinar (below) to see how this exciting new tool can help you gather accurate timing on DVRs and improve the accuracy of your speed calculations.

In-Depth with the VFR Lightboard – Watch the Webinar!