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Thanks to everyone who joined us for a great webinar on January 28th as we explored the democratization of video evidence and the tools and techniques being used to properly handle video evidence. For those of you who missed the live event, we’ve provided a recap of what we covered, including the full recording here.

What is the Webinar About?

We wanted to tell a more complete story about the challenges investigators are facing every day because of the exponential increase in video evidence. We asked three industry experts to have a dialogue with us about practical ways to meet these challenges: Grant Fredericks – Certified Forensic Video Analyst, Michael Chiocca – Detective & Architect of the Area Technology Centers with the Chicago Police Department and Darryl Branker – Detective Constable with the Homicides Squad of the Toronto Police Service.

State of the Industry

The webinar started with a discussion about the basic challenges facing investigators because of the rapidly growing amounts of video evidence. We’ve seen an explosion of evidence from sources including body-worn cameras, dash cams, professional surveillance systems, HD CCTV systems, interview room footage, cell phone video, social media, Ring and Nest cameras and more.

“More than ten years ago, when I was out pushing around a patrol car, it was rare to have video with the case. Now, that is flipped and it’s rare that we don’t have video.” –Retired Chief Mike Burridge, Director of Sales at iNPUT-ACE

Chicago & Toronto Solution

We talked to Detective Michael Chiocca of the Chicago Police Department about their objective to increase their overall clearance rates, prioritizing homicide cases. Then we talked to Detective Constable Darryl Branker of the Toronto Police service about the ways Toronto has adapted to their increasingly digital landscape.

“It doesn’t matter the size of your organization, everybody deals with the same issue, whether you’re a smaller department, a sheriff’s department, a county department or a large police department like us.” -Michael Chiocca, Detective & Architect of the Area Technology Centers for the Chicago Police Department

A Homicide Case With Lots of Video Evidence

We looked in-depth at a homicide case with Grant Fredericks that involved over a dozen different sources of video evidence. As we discussed the case, we walked through Grant’s workflow in iNPUT-ACE to demonstrate his solution for working with timing offsets, marking images, using metadata, creating court-ready deliverables and building advanced reports.

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