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Our team is dedicated to listening to users and continually developing better solutions to meet their needs. But don’t just take our word for it, let our customers tell you how they feel. Here are some insights from customers and results of a survey of more than one hundred investigators using iNPUT-ACE.

In Their Own Words

Some of our dedicated users took time out of their busy schedules to share their iNPUT-ACE experiences so we can share them with you.

Team favorite

iNPUT-ACE is a go-to program for our three-person team. We utilize many programs but have found the ease of use, training webinars, macroblock analysis, and the A++ customer service make it the team favorite. We purchased a dongle which makes it easy to access the software when we need it and is a cost-effective solution for processing our video evidence.

—Roger Cain, CFVA, Digital Forensic Supervisor, RMIN, Phoenix, AZ

Go-to application

iNPUT-ACE is my daily go-to application. As with many Law Enforcement agencies, our CIO and IT directors prohibit staff installations of proprietary applications to view video evidence. Using iNPUT-ACE allows me to examine video files in a forensically sound environment, without having to install third-party applications, and quickly get the evidence back into the hands of Detectives. This one-stop shop is essential for anyone who handles critical video evidence and it will support both novice users to advanced video analysts.

Master Deputy Mark Montano, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Tampa, FL

Performs flawlessly

iNPUT-ACE performs flawlessly! The resulting video is so reliable, most defense attorneys simply stipulate to the video output. iNPUT-ACE is comprehensive and fast. With its simple drag, drop, and play functionality, I can now do so much more in far less time. It is the fastest and most reliable video processing tool I use.

Vickie Long, Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, Oakland, CA

Thrilled I get to use it

iNPUT-ACE has been a real timesaver for me in a lot of respects. Where I was using 3-4 different pieces of software to analyze video, now I only need to use one. It has dramatically increased my productivity in that I no longer have to dig up codecs or have issues viewing videos. I especially love that I can go through videos frame-by-frame – something you can’t always do with other players. The reporting feature is great too and I look forward to using it more in the future. iNPUT-ACE has quickly become a staple for me and I’m thrilled that I get to use it on a daily basis.

Heather Scott, Police Investigative Aide, National City Police, National City, CA

First tool in my toolbox

iNPUT-ACE is the very first tool in my toolbox. It is a must have for every police investigator who touches video evidence. I am amazed by its speed when processing a single clip or multiple clips of various formats at the same time. For court, its ability to reduce the file size without compromising image quality is astounding.

Detective Ed Baker, Tacoma Police Department, Retired, & Video Consultants Northwest, Owner, Tacoma, WA

Time-saving tool

I’ve found that the general time-savings gained through the use of iNPUT-ACE has enabled me to easily perform additional tasks that go beyond an investigator’s original request.

Lindsey Hodges, Criminalist, City of Boulder, Boulder, CO

See Lindsey’s workflow comparisons on four cases and how it is changing how she works here.

Works well and is FAST—it’s a fave!

I started using iNPUT-ACE after I saw a demo video. I loved that I could convert various types of proprietary video quickly. Our unit is ridiculously busy, always swamped with tasks, so we were happy to find a tool that works well and is FAST—it’s a fave!

There are so many great features, some of which I haven’t even tried yet. One feature I love is that when a video plays at an accelerated speed, I can create a copy that plays with the speed corrected. For a recent case that involved a surveillance video that did not include the proprietary player in the exhibit, we had .sec files to play. Without iNPUT-ACE, I would have been out of luck because each instance of the player is named differently. It would have been totally hit or miss to find something that would have played the files at all, and even if I’d found a player, I would have had to screen capture the video in real time and save it as a .mp4 to get it to play at the correct speed. But I just hauled the .sec files into iNPUT-ACE and they interrogated right away. I saw they played too fast, so I adjusted the frame rate to get a normal speed, and then in the Workflow screen, I used the corrected frame rate when I converted the .sec files to .mp4s. It all worked smoothly and quickly.

Christine Opp, Digital Media Clerk, Regina Police Service, Saskatchewan, Canada

Survey Insights

Customers report saving
an average of

10 hours
per weekTime is money in the bank icon.

Working with digital video evidence can be a costly time-killer. But after adopting iNPUT-ACE, our customers found that the simple drag/drop functionality streamlined their workflow, and freed up an average of 10 hours a week for other duties and cases. With those kind of results, the software pays for itself in just a matter of weeks.

5 Star Customer Support Icon

Having technical issues is not only frustrating, it can bring your productivity to a stop. Our support team is dedicated to solving your video challenges.


of our respondents votedPlay button icon

Best Product for Playback & Processing Video

One of the key frustrations and time drains our customers have shared with us is locating, installing, and using proprietary players for video files from CCTV systems. Being able to quickly drag, drop, and play multiple files from different systems is just one of the ways iNPUT-ACE can streamline your process.


of our respondents voted

Best Product
for Extracting
Video & Images

Extracting images and clips from video for investigations calls for accuracy, so when it can be done quickly and easily, it’s a game-changer. Whether you are extracting images for a BOLO, your own investigation, or for another department, you need a tool that gives you fast and reliable results.



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