Seat Licenses

There is no denying it: video is everywhere, and it plays a critical role in almost every investigation. But how are
your investigators accessing all of the challenging proprietary video that makes up most visual evidence? Officers
need to quickly and accurately play video evidence. So now is the time to build a solution that protects the security
of your network and devices without impeding the integrity of your casework.

There are challenges to working with video evidence that must be addressed when choosing the best solution for
your department or agency. Downloading unknown and risky ‘free’ players exposes an agency network to potential
threats, including malware, viruses, and bloatware. You need a tool that can process hundreds of file types quickly
without putting your infrastructure at risk. The key is finding a solution that strikes a balance between the needs of
investigators and the security threats that keep your IT team up at night.

Simple / Manageable / Affordable

The solution is simple: a Seat License from iNPUT-ACE. You can give an limitless number of investigators access
to the dynamic video workflow engine at a dramatically reduced price. A Seat License unlocks the power of
iNPUT-ACE with installations that can be accessed concurrently by your investigative teams. Your annual renewal
is predictable, so you can budget easily, and it provides your investigators with unlimited access, support, and
updates. Just like our other license options, installation happens at the machine level instead of on the network
and only requires an internet connection to activate the software. And when your agency outgrows it’s block of
licenses, simply let us know and your plan can be scaled to fit your changing needs.

License block packages have been preset to help you get a plan started that fits your current needs:

Block Packages

Services up to 25 investigators

Services up to 50 investigators

Services up to 100 investigators

Services up to 150 investigators

Services up to 450 investigators

Blocks of 450+ are eligible for additions in increments servicing 50 investigators

Our team will walk you through your purchasing options, explain the levels of training available, schedule a web demonstration for you to see the software in action, and help make sure you receive the best solution for your needs. Get your plan started today by calling 213.596.0909 or connect with your rep at

Read the Software License Agreement here.

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