iNPUT-ACE is the leading solution for investigating video evidence today. Your agency can save countless hours by gaining instant access to thousands of proprietary video formats while ensuring investigators review only the most accurate and complete video evidence available.

The Leading Video Investigation Solution

How it Works

In our surveillance society, there are thousands of proprietary digital video formats that cannot be played using traditional players. iNPUT-ACE allows your investigators to instantly access, enhance, and manage this critical evidence. See how it works in this short overview video, or contact us for a full demo or trial license.

Video Investigation License Options

Additional Solutions

Overlay Add-On

Overlay Your Video Evidence on Any 3D Pointcloud Software

Calibrate and overlay video evidence on top of pointcloud software, providing investigators with the ability to establish accurate measurements of objects, including distances and heights from the recorded video.

Convert Video Files

Video Integration Suite


VIS is a powerful back-end API based solution that allows applications to play and convert proprietary video formats, including surveillance, in-car, body worn, mobile and many other video sources. The Video Integration Suite is a simple .NET API that provides developers access to the playback and conversion engine. Files processed through VIS are converted into lossless MP4 files, maintaining video evidence at the highest quality. Expand your offering by supporting the most pervasive source of evidence, video.

Features and Benefits

Why Choose iNPUT-ACE

Save Time on Video Evidence

40% More Productivity

When more than 80% of investigations involve video evidence, investigators can spend hours trying to review everything. iNPUT-ACE dramatically improves the video investigation process, saving officers as much as 10 hours per week.

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Testify about Video Evidence with Confidence

Testify with Confidence

iNPUT-ACE is built by a team of certified forensic video analysts who ensure that you're viewing original video evidence and sharing accurate copies that are ready for court. Users can even bring iNPUT-ACE into the courtroom to play video full screen, zoom into relevant areas, and loop the content for the trier of fact while on the stand.

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Use of Force Investigation Tool for Video

Get the Facts in Use of Force Investigations

Video is increasingly important when it comes to Use of Force investigations, however simply pushing play can alter the facts when investigators use improper playback software. iNPUT-ACE allows you to uncover the facts, review footage from multiple sources, and stay ahead of media narratives that can be built around incomplete or flawed pieces of evidence. 

Investigate Video Evidence

Don't Miss a Thing

Manage and organize multiple sources of video into one continuous timeline, track activity, tag all relevant events, extract all available video, and create court-ready deliverables in standard formats. 

Enhance IT Security for Video Evidence

Enhance your IT Security

Investigators often install proprietary players and codecs on their computers in an effort to play proprietary files, creating security risks. Blocking investigators from installing these players, however, limits their ability to view video evidence. iNPUT-ACE is a single, self-contained installation that provides a safe and secure solution that plays more video formats than anyone else.

Training and Support for Forensic Video Analysis

Expert Training and Premium Support [Available]

iNPUT-ACE was founded by certified Forensic Video Analysts and Technicians. Our team brings years of experience and has a passion for teaching and supporting others. We offer training classes for different levels of experience that give investigators the skills they need to interrogate video evidence.

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

“I wish we had purchased iNPUT-ACE sooner!”

iNPUT-ACE has worked wonders with multiple cases, including but not limited to, helping us identify subjects and exonerate officers. I wish we had purchased iNPUT-ACE sooner!

—Aaron Martinez, Detective, El Paso Police Department, El Paso, TX

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

“It is a must have…”

​“iNPUT-ACE is the very first tool in my toolbox. It is a must have for every police investigator who touches video evidence. I am amazed by its speed when processing a single clip or multiple clips of various formats at the same time. For court, its ability to reduce the file size without compromising image quality is astounding.”

– Detective Ed Baker, Tacoma Police Department, Retired, & Video Consultants Northwest, Owner, Tacoma, WA

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

“The fastest and most reliable video processing tool”

iNPUT-ACE is comprehensive and fast. With its simple drag, drop, and play functionality, I can now do so much more in far less time. It is the fastest and most reliable video processing tool I use.”

– Vickie Long, Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, Oakland, CA


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