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Operator: Intro to Axon Investigate and Projects- Module 1 (SOLD OUT)

January 17, 2023
January 17, 2023
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Eastern Standard Time (EST)


The Axon Investigate Operator Certification is a video investigation training course that prepares students with the fundamental knowledge and skills that are essential for performing accurate video investigations. This is the first course of the Operator Certification track: Intro to Axon Investigate and Projects

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This module focuses on navigating the Axon Investigate user interface and capitalizing on key features in the Axon Investigate workflow. Our goal is for graduates to know how to confidently use Axon Investigate to conduct a video-centric investigation from the initial playback, to an effective and accurate review of the video evidence, and through to the creation of court-ready outputs.

Learning Objectives

  • Articulate fundamental best practices
  • Add and organize items in the File List to meet the custom needs of any case by employing options like creating, renaming, and sorting groups and files
  • Demonstrate an ability to effectively interrogate video, including tracking suspects and tagging relevant images and clips
  • Navigate the software quickly and precisely by using hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts
  • Convert proprietary video into standard formats suitable for both forensic processes and demonstrative exhibits
  • Understand the role of file hashing and how to authenticate and validate files and frames
  • Export images, videos, and PDF reports with embedded content

Course Outline

  • File List
  • Interrogate Tab
  • Workflow Tab
  • File Hashing
  • Frame Rate
  • Projects
  • Narrative Report