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Overlay Your Video Evidence on Any 3D Pointcloud Software

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Changing how you use video for reverse projection, collision reconstruction, and crime scene reconstruction.

iNPUT-ACE’s Patent Pending Camera Match Overlay Tool provides a simple methodology to directly integrate surveillance video into 3D pointclouds and models. By calibrating and overlaying the video evidence on top of pointcloud software, the presenter can establish accurate measurements of objects, distances and heights from the recorded video – directly within any 3D modeling software.

iNPUT-ACE’s Daubert approved methodology includes a detailed Margin of Error report that is used in criminal and civil cases around the world.

Whether you are using Map360, Faro Scene, 3DS Max, or any other 3D technology, we have you covered. 

Key Benefits


Align video evidence to 3D scan data


Automatically correct lens distortion and video calibration


Project video on top of the 3D scan data


Play back capabilities through the video (integrated with scan data)


Ability to measure through the video overlay into 3D space


Daubert tested and validated

On-Demand Webinar

Introducing the Camera Match Overlay Tool

A Great Webinar For: Collision Investigators & Reconstructionsist


On-Demand Webinar:

Scan Data Proves Valuable Two Years Later in Double-Homicide Case

A Great Webinar For: Major Crimes Investigators

Why your agency should aim for a fully digital scene-mapping workflow

Scan Data Proves Valuable Two Years Later in Double-Homicide Case

“We have several tools to make use of surveillance and dashcam video footage but nothing that can remove lens distortion and match the geometry of a three-dimensional scene with video footage. A great feature allows you to play the video in a transparent overlay so you can work in your 3D program of choice to place and orient three-dimensional objects to what was captured in the video. I found the overlay tool to be powerful and intuitive to use, even with no prior experience with the program.”


Andy May, Focus Forensics

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