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Evidence Training

You’re going to love our innovative, live, online training courses that take a hands-on approach to teaching best practice for handling video evidence.

These courses will help you grow professionally and you can earn certifications and CEU credits. Register below to get started on earning your iNPUT-ACE User Certifications!

Why Choose iNPUT-ACE Certification Tracks?

Real Instructors

Learn from a team of certified instructors with decades of experience working with forensic video evidence and providing training to law enforcement.

Digital Software Environment

Work in a virtual environment of iNPUT-ACE, allowing for dynamic instructor feedback and minimal hardware requirements. No software license is required.


Real Case Files

Train on project files recovered from actual investigations. Immediately apply course concepts to real world examples that reflect current challenges.


These brand new training courses offer the first online option for users to receive Certification on the iNPUT-ACE software.

iNPUT-ACE Certification Tracks

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

iNPUT-ACE Operator Certification (IAOC)

Special Pricing: $395 $495

2-Days of Entry-Level Instruction


Provides attendees with hands-on core knowledge for video evidence, utilizing the iNPUT-ACE Software.

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

iNPUT-ACE Examiner Certification (IAEC)

Special Pricing: $595 $695

2-Days of Advanced Instruction


Builds on the core knowledge from the operator certification by introducing examiner level workflows and advanced processes in iNPUT-ACE.


  • iA Operator (or equivalent experience) 
iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

iNPUT-ACE Metrology Certification (IAMC)

 Special Pricing: $995

2-Days of Specialized Instruction


Students will learn about the foundations of measuring distance/speed from complex video files while overlaying photo/video evidence over 3D point cloud data.

Recommended Prerequisite

  • iA Operator (or equivalent experience)
  • iA Examiner (or equivalent experience)

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iNPUT-ACE Training Policies


  • Cancel your course registration 24+ hours before the start of your course to receive a full refund.
  • Need to cancel within the 24-hour window?
    • Since we cannot replace your seat within that timeframe and we have already incurred fixed costs to set up multiple pieces of equipment to facilitate the hands-on section of the class, there will be no refund within the 24-hour window. However, you may reschedule your class with a $50 reactivation fee.
  • No Shows
    • Please let us know if you cannot make the class. If we do not hear from you before the class, we will consider your seat used and not issue a refund.


We recognize there are always extenuating circumstances. If you have any questions, please contact us at

      Class Scheduling

      • It is important to take the certification classes in order. This helps ensure that all students are operating at the same level and move through the classes in a timely matter because of their knowledge of the prerequisite content. This also saves time for the instructor and lab assistant to work with every student and allows more time for students to ask questions. Please help us make this a wonderful learning experience for all students by completing the courses in the order designed.

      • If you must miss a class and have already scheduled more than one, please reach out to our support to reschedule your classes so they can be done in the proper order.