One of the fastest growing forms of digital evidence is video footage. Some agencies report a more than 800% increase in the number of video-supported cases over the last decade. With a camera in the hand of almost every citizen, in law enforcement vehicles, on officers themselves, and watching businesses and traffic flow around the world, the number of files per case will naturally be on the climb too. Making sure investigators are prepared to access, review, and analyze the evidence is the ongoing goal of the team at iNPUT-ACE.

As with any skill set, the best place to start is to build a solid foundation through education and keep building. Our knowledgeable instructors have put together training for investigators to gain a deeper understanding of video evidence, build workflows to create forensically sound results, and utilize the right data for accuracy. But don’t take our word for it, see what a recent attendee had to say:

Great instruction, support, and 16 CEUs from ACTAR.

Like any ACTAR certified collision reconstructionist, I am required to earn 80 Continuing Education Units (CEU) over a 5-year period in training that is relevant to the collision reconstruction field. Therefore, when I consider training courses applicable to my work as a consultant in forensic biomechanics, and consider the costs and time required to complete the courses, I prioritize training that contributes to the CEUs I need to maintain my ACTAR certification.

Quote about the two-day iNPUT-ACE course by Jeremy Bauer.I process a lot of video in my work. When I began looking into the two-day iNPUT-ACE course, I was excited to get some hands-on experience using the more advanced video analysis tools like identifying compressed areas in video and producing court-ready exhibits. However, since I use video in a substantial number of collision reconstruction cases, I was also curious as to whether I could get ACTAR CEUs for the completion of the course, given the course was not already pre-approved by ACTAR. When self-submitting a course to ACTAR for credit, they have a set of specifications that need to be met, including providing an hour-by-hour schedule of topics taught in the course and a certificate of completion. When I asked the iNPUT-ACE if they could modify (or recreate) their class description materials to satisfy the requirements defined by ACTAR, the training team was ready and able to make it a simple task. The instructor shared an hour-by-hour schedule of topics for the two-day course. Further (and way beyond my expectations) the training coordinator had a completion certificate ready for me to submit by the next morning. ACTAR was able to see the value too. The approval for CEUs came through faster than any class I had submitted in the past. ACTAR awarded me 16 CEUs for completing the two-day iNPUT-ACE course.

Needless to say, the whole experience with the iNPUT-ACE crew was fantastic, from the extremely knowledgeable and professional instruction to the outstanding support team and approval of ACTAR CEUs. I would recommend this training to anyone working with video evidence.

Jeremy J. Bauer, Ph.D.
Owner, Bauer Forensics, LLC, Portland, OR

Plan to learn the ins and outs of video evidence in 2019, find a class near you on our events page. If you are not sure what class is the best fit for your needs or you would like to host a class at your agency, you can connect with our team at to get the conversation started.

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