The latest release of iNPUT-ACE adds an entirely new way to conduct detailed video investigations. In addition to organizing items in the File List via Groups, large amounts of metadata can now be infused into video files, subclips, and marked images. After adding the metadata, Filters can be custom built into the File List to search for any items that match certain metadata criteria.

Want to see all items in the File List related to “Suspect 1” or to “Red Shirt”? Add a filter to search for all items matching that tag. Want to see all items that occurred at a particular address? Add a filter! Want to see all the items that happened at a particular time? Add a filter!

A Real World Example from our Technical Director

Andrew Fredericks shared how he recently used this feature to organize evidence for court.

“Just last week I testified in a homicide trial where 15 different cameras captured the activity of 7 individuals before and after a shooting outside of a restaurant. By tracking the activity of each individual and adding metadata to the clips/images, I was able to walk the judge through an organized and logical sequence of events. Using iNPUT-ACE in the court-room as a presentation tool, I loaded the project and could filter for all activity in chronological order for “Male 1.” After walking through his activity and being asked questions about “Male 2,” I could simply add a new filter in the File List to show the new sequence of events – all within the same project. The judge especially liked the ability of going full screen within iNPUT-ACE and looping important areas of interest. The judge asked several times to see the video in iNPUT-ACE, since the visual evidence was far clearer than it had been when using other tools.

The new metadata fields and filtering capabilities take iNPUT-ACE version 2.4.1 to the next level as a solution for managing the workflow of a video investigation.”

Using the New Metadata Options

Filter function on file list and options

When marking a new image or creating a new subclip, the pop-up window has been upgraded to contain a grid of Categories and Values. As in past versions, the default Title and Narrative Report Text categories are still available, but by pressing Add Row, you can now select from a large number of additional categories from a drop-down including:

  • Time/Date
  • Activity
  • Location
  • Person Name
  • Person Description
  • And much more!

You can even add your own categories, by typing directly into the Category field – allowing you to add as much or as little information as necessary for your project.

Filtering the File List

After adding items and infusing additional metadata into the File List , you can now filter the File List to only display items that match your desired metadata values. To get started, click the Filter button near the top of the File List. In the window that appears, set a desired Category and Value for your filter. After pressing OK, the File List will be updated to reveal only items that match the requested metadata.

iNPUT-ACE is Now a Cellebrite Certified Integration Partner

Video is one of the most prolific sources of evidence available to law enforcement – but it only paints a partial picture of events. With the latest release of iNPUT-ACE, we are proud to announce our integration with Cellebrite Analytics that will propel your investigations forward by incorporating video evidence into the wider digital dataset; correlating location and time sequenced video into case timelines

Cellebrite is the global leader in digital intelligence solutions – providing investigators access to mobile devices, social media, and cloud data. As a valued member of Cellebrite’s Partner Ecosystem, iNPUT-ACE expands Cellebrite’s capabilities to turn video data into actionable intelligence. Explore the benefits of interoperable access and sharing of critical case metadata, leveraging the power of iNPUT-ACE version 2.4.1 and Cellebrite Analytics.

To find out more about how to drive an investigation involving both video evidence and mobile data, please sign up for the Cellebrite webinar: Incorporating Time Sequenced Video and Mobile Data into Case TimelinesWe hope you can join us!

Your Feedback Builds Our Platform

Thank you to all our users who send in feedback reports and let us know about new file types they are seeing in their cases. The information you provide is helping us shape our platform and plan improvements. We couldn’t do it without you!

Please update your iNPUT-ACE software and start using the improvements today.

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