The patent-pending iNPUT-ACE Camera Match Overlay tool brings the Reverse Projection methodology into 3D space. Video evidence can now be integrated directly into any 3D modeling/point cloud software using the fast and intuitive solution within iNPUT-ACE. The final results of the new tool allow users to recreate and measure positions of objects that were captured in a video image into a 3D point cloud.Launching the new Overlay Tool

Toggle to the brand-new Tool by clicking on Tools > Camera Match Overlay. From there, the handy “How To Use This Step” tool gives you tips that will help guide you through the workflow.

To get a clear understanding of the power behind the new Overlay Tool, we recommend watching both of our webinar walk-throughs here:

The initial demonstration of new tool: Watch Now

A more specific step-by-step walk-through for our beta testers: Watch Now

The Camera Match Overlay Tool is the first Plug-In for iNPUT-ACE and has an add-on cost. However, in appreciation of all of our current customers, we have added the tool to your existing licenses for free. Thank you for supporting our team as we continue to develop new and exciting tools for your video evidence workflow!

Standard Output Node

One of the most common questions the iNPUT-ACE support team answers for new users is “What is the best output format to use?”. The answer to this question is unfortunately not black-and-white and it always depends on what the final goals/solutions are. For example:

  • Is the output being used in court?
    • If so, is it intended to be used for Demonstrative purposes, or to be admitted as evidence?
  • Is the output going to be loaded into a 3rd party application?
    • If so, which application? Some applications will not play certain formats
  • Does the output need to be “lossless” quality?

The above is not an exhaustive list of questions but highlights some of the common confusions and challenges investigators can have when working with video evidence and producing “proper” converted versions for court.

The new Standard Output Node makes this process significantly faster and easier to perform. Simply connect any files to the Standard Output Node and answer one simple question: Do you need lossless quality video, or would you prefer a smaller file that is “easy” to manage?Output Node for Camera Match Overlay Tool

If you require lossless video, select “Best Quality” in the output node. If you prefer an “easier” file, select “Best Performance” in the output node. iNPUT-ACE will then do all the heavy lifting in identifying the best output format for your specific file format.

One of the big focuses for iNPUT-ACE is to ensure investigators have fast, intuitive access to their video evidence – and the new Standard Output Node makes the workflow much easier!

Beta Tested by Other iNPUT-ACE Users

We’d like to give a special thanks to all of our beta testers of the Overlay tool – your thoughtful suggestions and feedback are extremely helpful. 

One member of our beta test group gave us his thoughts to share:

“We have several tools to make use of surveillance and dash cam video footage but nothing that can remove lens distortion and match the geometry of a three dimensional scene with video footage. A great feature allows you to play the video in a transparent overlay so you can work in your 3D program of choice to place and orient three dimensional objects to what was captured in the video. I found the overlay tool to be powerful and intuitive to use, even with no prior experience with the program.”  Andy May, Focus Forensics

Please update your iNPUT-ACE software and start taking advantage of all the improvements today!