Our latest release includes a new feature for video playback, simplified resizing, a new seat license option for agencies, and major improvements to the narrative report tool. Here are some of the upgrades you will notice after completing the update.

Playback Goes Fullscreen

Expandable window demonstrationWe know that having files playback at a larger size can make it easier to spot details and track them throughout your evidence, so we have a brand-new option for you. Easily pop out the playback window with the timeline controls intact and increase it to full screen, and then it reverts just as quickly to the standard display whenever you are ready.

To go fullscreen, click on the gray bar at the top of the playback window and drag it out to separate. From there, you can move and resize the window to any position you desire.  Many of our beta testers love this new feature for working on two monitors. By separating the playback onto one screen, you can now playback the data full screen on one monitor, while still navigating through the iNPUT-ACE program on the other monitor.

When you are ready to move back to the standard view, simply press the “restore” button at the top of the interrogate tab. Alternatively, you can also click and drag the playback window into one of the anchored positions on the interrogate tab and release the mouse to lock the window back into place.

Simplified Resizing

Image of new resizing options in the Resize Node.Need to save footage in a larger size? We’ve made that easier too. The Resize Node now includes options to instantly double, triple, and quadruple the width/height without having to do the math to keep proportions constrained and avoid accidentally skewing the aspect ratio. Get accurate resizing every time with a single mouse click.

Report Development

And when it’s time to build a report, we have been working diligently to keep improving the functionality of our Narrative Report tool. You will notice improvements to the shape anchoring, project reloading, and much more. If you haven’t had a chance to explore the narrative report tool, please reach out to our team and we would be happy to send you the recording of our training webinar that covers the features in this powerful tool.

Licensing for Agencies

For agencies utilizing iNPUT-ACE across departments, we now have a Seat License option with installations that can be accessed concurrently under a single license. Investigation teams can now use the simple tools within iNPUT-ACE to playback their video evidence, tag relevant data, produce BOLO reports, and convert their content to court-ready formats. Then, investigators can save their iNPUT-ACE project files and easily send the content to a video unit, IT department, digital/video forensics unit, prosecutors, or anyone else who needs to see the organized evidence for future work. Just like our other license options, installation happens at the machine level instead of on your network, so it only requires an internet connection to activate the software. And when your agency outgrows their block of licenses, simply let us know and your plan can be scaled to fit your changing needs.

Your Feedback Matters

We want to thank our users who send in feedback reports straight from the help function in the program, we are learning so much from you and you are helping us make the software better for everyone. The information collected from your reports and on our support calls has been helping us shape our product and plan improvements.

Please update your iNPUT-ACE software and start taking advantage of all the improvements today. As always, offline users can get the latest version from, download.input-ace.com/release.