input-ace version 2.6.1

In June 2020, the team at iNPUT-ACE introduced a major release to the world of video investigations with iA Version 2.6.

Over the last few months, we have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our users, and we are now pleased to announce Version 2.6.1!

This version includes additional improvements to the date/time offset feature, the ability to correct for half resolution DVR formats with the click of a single button, support for new file formats, and much more.

In addition, our development team at iNPUT-ACE has been hard at work developing a specialty online training platform for anyone who works with video evidence.

Students will be provided a dedicated cloud-hosted iNPUT-ACE machine with real homicide, robbery, and vehicular homicide case work. Instructors can see a grid of student machines and guide students through hands on exercises. Lab assistants can take over any student machine who falls behind to ensure everyone get’s the most out of their training and can pass the courses on their way to becoming Certified iNPUT-ACE Operators, Examiners and/or Metrologists.

Learn more about our live, online training offerings or read more about our latest updates below:

Date/Time Offset Feature Improvements

Have you ever examined video and discovered that the date and time displayed by a video recording system was not the actual, correct time?

Even if the camera was set up with the correct time and date, there are many reasons it can drift: power outages, daylight savings, and more can disrupt the timestamp of cameras. If you need to find visuals of a person who appeared at a particular time, it would be extremely time consuming when each of the cameras have different timestamps.

At least, it was time consuming before iNPUT-ACE.

iNPUT-ACE has an easy-to-use date/time offset feature which allows investigators to enter the correct date and time for a single frame. The updated date/time information is then applied correctly to the entire video file.

We’ve made quite few improvements to simplify this workflow and it can save you lots of time when trying to find footage or synchronize clips. Click on the video below to learn more about this improved feature!

Correct Half-Resolution DVR Formats with the Click of a Button

At times, video collected from certain DVR systems is rendered at 2CIF (704 x 240) upon playback. These files need to have the height doubled for proper playback and viewing.

In the past, users could execute a resize workflow to adjust the height of the images, but now in Version 2.6.1, the team at iNPUT-ACE has made this task much more efficient and simple.

The smooth render button was introduced in version 2.6 and provides a quick and simple way for investigators to view different files in a more clear way.

By clicking the ‘smooth render’ button within the playback controls, the height of 2CIF formatted files is automatically doubled for proper viewing.

2CIF Button conversion

New File Formats Added

Version 2.6.1 contains over 15 new file formats that have been added to the expansive list of files supported by iNPUT-ACE. Some of these new formats are often seen in files with the extensions .dat, .data, .dcr, .exe, .tfs, Bosch xl1 and many more!

Encountered a file format that iNPUT-ACE cannot play? Any user can request the addition of new file formats into iNPUT-ACE. Our Platinum Support customers have access to a dedicated team that can often perform same say turnarounds.

Contact us today to learn more about our platinum support plans.

New “Stream Hash” Metadata

We have added a new button to “Calculate” the Stream Hash of any given video/audio stream and place it directly on the interrogate tab.

Once calculated, the Stream Hash will display a single MD5 hash for the decoded stream. This Stream Hash is effectively the same thing as the sum of all Frame Hash values that can be calculated via the Frame Hash CSV node on the Workflow Tab.

This feature has many powerful use-cases. For instance:

  • Try calculating the stream hash on one of the streams of a proprietary video file (i.e. MyProprietaryFile.dav).
  • Then, convert the MyProprietaryFile.dav to a standard format using a lossless Workflow (for example, by running the Stream through a Standard Output node set to “Best Quality”).
  • After running the workflow, bring the new converted file back into iNPUT-ACE and calculate it’s Stream Hash.
  • Since the iNPUT-ACE Workflow was performed with lossless settings, the new converted file will have an identical Stream Hash as the original Proprietary file.

This simple button helps validate that every single frame – and every single pixel – is identical between the original proprietary file and the converted standard file you created with iNPUT-ACE.

New On-Prem Video Integration Suite (VIS)

iNPUT-ACE has developed a powerful, back-end API based solution that can be integrated into external platforms to unlock the power of proprietary video playback in any cloud or on-prem solution.

Convert Video Files

We have current integrations directly with agencies who are automatically converting any files saved to their local network, analytics companies who provide software for automatic analyzing of video content, and we’re proud to announce that we recently partnered with Axon to integrate our engine into

If you’re interested in learning more about the Axon partnership or integrating VIS into your solution, contact us today.

Learn more about VIS >>

Coming Soon! iNPUT-ACE Online Portal

Our development team has been working on a new online portal we know you’re going to love. You’ll be able to attend online training, access our valuable knowledge base, and manage your licensing.

If you would like to become a beta-tester for the online portal, please let us know by contacting us today!

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