Speed and accuracy matter for everything you do – that’s why iNPUT-ACE Version 2.5 was developed to accelerate your video related investigations with new features and new file format support that will speed up and improve your workflows. In this latest release, we have completely overhauled the way we add new file formats to iNPUT-ACE. Now, we can build support for new file formats faster – and even between releases. This process has also paved the way for a new offering for our users: Platinum Support. Users who need immediate access to new proprietary formats for critical investigations can upgrade to a higher tier of support that will help provide immediate access to previously unplayable files. But that’s not all. We’ve added a significant number of new file formats, including Genetec G64 and G64x files, and many Verint .exe formats.

We’re excited to see how these improvements help with all your video related investigations.

Lightning Fast Drag-And-Drop Just Got Better

Adding files has always been fast, but our latest update is a significant improvement. Now, when you drag files into iNPUT-ACE, your folder names come too, eliminating the need for manually creating groups. This new feature is particularly useful for investigators who need to organize multiple sources of evidence into the File List to jump-start their investigations prior to playback and suspect tracking.

Screen video of dragging files to File List in iNPUT-ACE

File upload is shown in real-time. See, it’s lightning-fast!

AceFormats and Platinum Support

iNPUT-ACE version 2.5 comes with one of the biggest features we have ever added: a completely overhauled method for decoding proprietary video files. This new method has dramatically increased the number of file formats that are playable in the iNPUT-ACE software. For example, Genetec G64/G64x files (including multi-stream and timestamps) and several new Verint formats are all playable in iNPUT-ACE version 2.5.

In the past, our team would add support for new formats in each new release of the iNPUT-ACE software. From now on, our team can create support for new formats without the need to download an update!

To accelerate this capability, we are launching a new Platinum Support product. For $500, users can upgrade to Platinum Support to receive 3 “Expedited Format Requests.”  Here’s how Platinum Support works:

  • If you encounter an unplayable proprietary video format that is standing in the way of your critical video-focused investigation, reach out to our team at support@input-ace.com.
  • Our new dedicated Platinum Support Team will push your format request to the front of the queue and begin working on it immediately.
  • Once the format is “solved,” our development team will send a .AceFormat file for you to import into your iNPUT-ACE software. Next time you launch iNPUT-ACE, it will be able to playback and process this new format instantly.
Beta testers of the new iNPUT-ACE Platinum Support have responded that turnaround time for new file format integration is often within 24 hours: expediting their investigations, saving money, and vastly improving the quality of their visual evidence.

Narrative Report Improvements – Speed and Quality

The Narrative Report tool was created for optimizing your reporting process by leveraging the work you complete in the Interrogate tab. In the Narrative Report Tool, you can easily drag all your media and notes into the intuitive document editor where you can draw lines, add shapes and more in a single PDF document. That means you can send your report to anyone without the need for sending multiple files including all your video. In version 2.5 we are introducing a handful of new functions that will make your reporting process easier:

  • Double click anywhere in your report to move your cursor there.
  • Scale your images at a higher quality.
  • Move shapes in your report with the arrow keys for precise adjustments.
  • Place your images exactly where you want by holding the ctrl key. This will override the image from snapping to align with another object.
  • Load a new blank report from the file tab.

With these improvements, building your reports will be a breeze. But we haven’t overlooked the most important part of your reporting process – your audience. That’s why we have improved the quality of your reports by aligning text boxes, reducing file size, and improving the image quality in the reports.

Thank You For Your Feedback

We owe a gigantic thank you to all of our users that provided feedback and testing for this update and others. Every improvement we make depends on your input. Thank you for helping us strengthen iNPUT-ACE, the industry-leading solution for start-to-finish video related investigations.

If you have any questions, please contact us today at 213.596.0909 or info@input-ace.com.

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