We are happy to announce the release of Version 2.2.1. The iNPUT-ACE team has been hard at work making another round of improvements based on user feedback. Here are some of the upgrades you can look forward to utilizing after you complete the update:

File List Changes:

Adjustable Width, Reordering,
& Group Number IndicatorFile List Improvements Animated Example

We have made the File List width adjustable to help you find files in the list more efficiently and track what file pertains to which piece of evidence. Just drag the list out to make it wide enough to read the entire file name and then slide it back when you don’t need the expanded view and want the space dedicated to the playback window. That’s the second high point of the adjustable File List: now you can create a bigger playback window to view the evidence, so details are easier to identify and track through the video. We have also added this functionality to the metadata section in the interrogate tab!

It is common for a single case to involve multiple video files. That’s why we have added a seamless drag and drop experience for groups/file reordering to make it easier for users to organize their data and key evidence. And once you have all your files added to your project, you can now check the counter next to the group to make sure they are all accounted for.

To add another layer of organization and ease of use, when you playback video, the file name will be highlighted in orange in the File List making it recognizable at-a-glance.

Narrative Report:

Improved Add Page Option

The improved function of the Add Page option in the Narrative Report tool now adds a blank page to your report without impacting the existing content. We have also made some changes to the Narrative Report tool that will make building your reports smoother. Rry it out today to see how your feedback is making this tool better with every update!


Loading/Saving Time Improvements

We understand the impact time can have on a case and on your day in general, so we have made significant improvements to the loading/saving function to run faster. Your projects will save or open in just a matter of minutes.

As always, offline users can get the latest version from, download.input-ace.com/release.

A big thank you to all of our users, your insights and feedback are helping us make great improvements, keep sending them to us under Help > Submit Feedback. Please update your iNPUT-ACE software and start taking advantage of all the improvements today.

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