In our surveillance society, there are hundreds of proprietary digital video formats that cannot be played correctly using traditional players.

iNPUT-ACE is a universal digital video player that allows investigators to instantly access and examine their critical visual evidence.

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Lite License

Annual Contract

Includes Support and upgrades, giving you access to the latest upgrades and full library of proprietary codecs.

What is a Lite License?

iNPUT-ACE Lite is the most cost-effective solution for agencies needing complete access to proprietary digital video files with the full drag, drop and play functionality of iNPUT-ACE.

This option allows users to mark and extract images, make subclips and export video evidence to a number of universally playable file formats for disclosure and for court presentation.

Multiple Lite licences can be combined with the Perpetual or Dongle License solutions to seamlessly combine the convenience of iNPUT-ACE Lite with the full power of the iNPUT-ACE advanced software package.

How Can iNPUT-ACE Lite Help Me?


  • Easily drag, drop and play hundreds of proprietary file formats
  • Automatically identify codecs and obscure formats
  • Auto batch/transcode files to universally-playable file formats


  • Immediately play forwards/backwards through almost any file
  • Mark and auto export an unlimited number of tagged video frames
  • Create subclips from any readable media


  • Save and share ‘Projects’ so that any user can easily access all tagged images, subclips and notes
  • Load a saveed ‘Project’ into the Perpetual or Dongle solution to seamlessly continue investigations with advanced processing

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can iNPUT-ACE Lite can be used at my agency?

The typical application is for multiple Investigators to have a personal Lite license to automate and expedite their investigative examinations.

Saved ‘Projects’ can then be opened within the Perpetual or Dongle solution to take advantage of the full power of iNPUT-ACE for advanced processing.

Is volume pricing available?

Yes! Contact us for more detailed information.

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