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Simplifying Video Evidence Viewing

Investigators are constantly challenged by the hundreds of proprietary digital video formats that cannot be played correctly using traditional players. These files often require obtaining access to proprietary codecs and players to view visual evidence. Downloading players can introduce malware, jeopardizing the integrity of a computer, or an entire network. iNPUT-ACE | Lite gives investigators a secure and proven tool to safely view, access, and manage their critical video evidence.

Give your investigators the power to instantly mark and extract images, make subclips, and export video evidence to universally playable file formats with iNPUT-ACE | Lite. Your officers will be able to share crucial evidence with an investigative and prosecuting team or to annotate video clips that need a more in-depth review by your video unit.

With iNPUT-ACE | Lite you will be able to:


• Easily drag, drop, and play hundreds of proprietary video formats

• Automatically identify codecs, formats, hash values, and other metadata

• Auto batch/convert to standard court-ready formats (like MP4) in the highest possible quality


• Immediately play, fast-forward, or
rewind through almost any video

• Mark and auto export an unlimited
number of tagged video frames

• Extract relevant clips from an
original source


• Save and share an iNPUT-ACE Project so that any user can easily access all tagged images, subclips, and notes

• Load a saved Project into the Perpetual or Dongle solution to seamlessly continue investigations with advanced processing and reporting options in an interoperable shared work environment

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Our team will walk you through your purchasing options, explain the levels of training available, schedule a web demonstration for you to see the software in action, and help make sure you receive the best solution for you and your team. Agencies utilizing a mixture of Perpetual and Lite Licenses may be able to save a significant amount of money by moving to a Seat License—find out what plan is the best fit for your team; just call us at 213.596.0909 or email the team at today.

Read the Software License Agreement here.

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