In our surveillance society, there are hundreds of proprietary digital video formats that cannot be played correctly using traditional players.

iNPUT-ACE is a universal digital video player that allows investigators to instantly access and examine their critical visual evidence.

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Dongle License

Annual Contract

Includes Support and upgrades, so you will never find yourself without the latest technology upgrade or codec access.

Why Choose a Dongle License?

The Dongle License option provides maximum flexibility to share the power of iNPUT-ACE among multiple investigators and computers.

Load iNPUT-ACE onto an unlimited number of supported computers, then easily deploy the dongle to any of these computers at any time. Multiple dongles expand the flexibility so that more investigators can access the capabilities of iNPUT-ACE at the same time.

How Can iNPUT-ACE Help Me?


  • Easily drag, drop and play hundreds of proprietary file formats
  • Automatically identify codecs, formats, hash values and other metadata
  • Auto batch/transcode files to standard file formats
    (including uncompressed, lossless h.264, wmv and more)


  • Immediately play forwards/backwards through almost any file
  • Mark and auto export an unlimited number of tagged video frames
  • Create subclips from any readable media


  • Quickly redact, crop, resize, deinterlace, concatenate, and more
  • Stabilize shaky footage, adjust brightness level, and frame average
  • Sync and play multiple files in a ‘canvas’ for a picture-in-picture view

Report & Validate:

  • Create dynamic investigation reports with embedded video and images
  • Validate results with hexadecimal analysis tools
  • Generate frame analysis spreadsheets to xml documents
  • Identify duplicate files on any folder based on md5 hash


  • Blur
  • Crop
  • Deinterlace
  • Levels Adjustment
  • Pad
  • Resize

Advanced Process

  • Audio Spectrum
  • Canvas Editor
  • Concatenate
  • Decimate
  • Extract Frames
  • Frame Average
  • Merge Streams
  • Raw Arguments
  • Stabilize

Additional Tools

  • Macroblock Analysis
  • Frame Analysis
  • Frame Hash
  • Hexadecimal Analysis
  • Metadata Tools

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