Spokane, Wash. – Oct. 30, 2018 – iNPUT-ACE, the flagship video investigation software from Occam Video Solutions, is now available in a seat license package. The new option will allow larger agencies to plan for and provide access to the iNPUT-ACE software for entire investigative teams.

In October, the first seat license package was purchased and deployed in an investigation division within the New York City government, equipping its entire team of 100 investigators with iNPUT-ACE. The agency addresses public integrity issues including use of force and oversight. Investigators report that between 50 and 75 percent of their cases involve video evidence. INPUT-ACE provides instant access to more than 90 percent of proprietary video files, significantly improving investigation workflow.

“The amount of video evidence continues to grow, particularly for agencies in larger municipalities. There is so much footage to review that it creates a bottleneck for investigators,” said Kelly Watt, Director of Sales, iNPUT-ACE. “The seat license gives an entire agency access to iNPUT‑ACE. Their workflow is simplified and streamlined, giving the whole team more bandwidth for casework.”

Seat license packages are customized to the needs of the agency, available to support teams of at least 25, and scalable to more than 450 investigators. iNPUT-ACE will continue to offer additional pricing options for smaller departments.

iNPUT-ACE features an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that can play proprietary video formats and quickly convert them to standard file formats like MP4 or AVI for easy distribution. Built-in tools allow investigators to create a seamless chronological record of events, sync multiple recording sources, track suspects, stabilize shaky video, clarify dark or blurry images, and build repeatable workflows to maintain a legal chain of evidence. Plus, the iNPUT-ACE Narrative Report tool allows investigators to easily generate dynamic reports with embedded images and videos within a single PDF file.

For more information on how a seat license would improve workflow in your agency please contact your sales representative or connect with us at sales@input-ace.com.


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