Meet Captain Fleming

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

Capt. Haley Fleming
Winslow Police Department
Winslow, Maine

Haley has been employed by the Winslow Police Department for 11 years. After 4+ years as an officer, he was promoted to sergeant where he served another 6+ years and promoted again to captain in June of 2018. Prior to law enforcement, Haley came from a career in corrections where he had been a supervisor. He is also a lead instructor for the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, frequently instructing cadets in many topics; most of which are Use of Force based.

His passion and expertise is in Use of Force and he has developed a Use of Force Dynamics class that he teaches as a private contractor. Contained within this class is analysis of Use of Force incidents through the view of video forensics. Haley has extensive training, education, and experience in Use of Force matters, including being a graduate of Force Science Institute. Haley has been accepted to attend the 276th Session of the FBI National Academy beginning April 1st, 2019.

Haley on being a new user of iNPUT-ACE

Officers must realize that their every move is likely to be caught on camera, whether it’s a body cam, in-car system, security cameras, or third person cell phone, there is always video. During fall of 2018, I attended the DLG Use of Force Summit in Connecticut and took the pre-conference class on video evidence for Use of Force cases. I already had a solid understanding and training to understand that you can’t just accept the video as it is. This class opened my eyes to how much you do not see on screen and how we could be negligent in believing in the statement “let the video speak for itself.” The instructor, Grant Fredericks, showed the class how to interpret video, analyze video, and much more to include investigation of the hidden details captured in the metadata of the files. For the class, Grant (and the class) worked with files in iNPUT-ACE and when I saw how easy and fast it was to use, I knew I had to have it.

The following day of the conference, I went to the iNPUT-ACE booth and made arrangements to purchase the software. I reviewed and attended the suggested webinars online and was up and running in no time. I began using it for my classes and on cases for the department immediately. After two months of using the software, I highly recommend iNPUT-ACE software to other officers and agencies. A few reasons I recommend this software are:

  • The program is very easy to use. There is no huge learning curve, you are working comfortably in no time at all.
  • Processes that used to take hours in other software solutions are now fast, saving valuable man-hours.
  • Files that no one can open, play instantly in the software.
  • The support team is very responsive and easy to work with if you ever need assistance.

It will change your results and where you use your time. Here is an example of how it is changing results at our agency:

In today’s day in age, there are so many forms of video formats. Often police departments receive video from a security camera with vital evidence contained on the video. More times than not, the agency (and later the District Attorney’s Office) struggle to play the video evidence timely and efficiently. With iNPUT-ACE, that struggle is a concern of the past.

Example:  A gas station provided a file from their on-site surveillance system that several people tried to play with no luck. I received this file and when I dropped the file into iNPUT-ACE it played immediately. I was easily able to convert the file to a common file type now viewable in any standard computer. A task that had taken hours of work was completed in a matter of minutes. Ultimately, the cost savings from far fewer man-hours to complete video review, conversion, and analysis should be considered as a factor for an agency when purchasing.

Another common request I receive is to sync two or more separate video streams simultaneously. I previously used other processes to do that, but it took hours to complete in popular programs. With iNPUT-ACE I can sync multiple files together to play simultaneously in just 9 to 10 minutes. Needless to say, it has become my must-have program!

In closing, I am compelled to remark that I have only begun to scratch the surface of what iNPUT-ACE is capable of do doing for an agency. While I’ve discussed the usage of it mostly in Use of Force matters, it is just as useful in all other forms of video; such as, control of how video is formatted and snipped for public relations release etc.  Equally, I am a person that gauges my opinions on a product by its customer service. My interactions with iNPUT-ACE staff, including sales, technical support, and management are unmatched. In numerous correspondents with the company at all levels, I am more than pleased with the willingness to assist me as I become a proficient user.