How often have you stepped into a courtroom where a projector is used to display video evidence? The resulting images are usually hard to see, often warped because of the folds in the screen fabric, and yellow because of the fabric’s age, or due to the bright yellow tinted lights in the court. In the latest issue of Police Chief Magazine, Grant Fredericks, Director of Law Enforcement Training for iNPUT-ACE, explains how to protect your video evidence from loss during trial. Fredericks, who has testified more than 300 times in courts throughout the world, says that when he processes video with iNPUT-ACE, his evidence is identical to the original source, and he insists on ensuring that the court is equipped to protect the integrity of his exhibits. Read the article Video Evidence in the Courtroom, Technology Challenges and Standards, and learn the ‘3 x PH Rule’ to proper court display.

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