iNPUT-ACE was recently featured on an “official” CrimeBlotters investigation. Watch the video now or read on to learn more about this case:



CrimeBlotters needs the public’s assistance to solve a case involving a serial residential Break and Enter that swept the nation over a single evening recently. This lone suspect is believed to be responsible for what is likely one of the largest scale crimes of its kind in US history.

The suspect, who usually enters homes from a rooftop access point, was caught on several camera systems.

His M.O. appears to follow a consistent pattern: Once inside the victim’s home, he usually leaves behind trinkets and other objects, likely in an attempt to announce that he was there.

Investigators and psychology experts have theorized that he wants to establish a ‘calling card’, to differentiate his crimes from potential copycat criminals.

As he carefully maneuvers through the victim’s home, this suspect almost always removes food and drink items that may have been easily accessible during the break and enter events.

These crimes have become so prolific that investigators have engaged a specialized joint forces team in an attempt to identify this criminal.

Using the most advanced forensic technology from iNPUT-ACE, a PDF BOLO report has been developed containing embedded video for distribution to regional police agencies. The forensic team has also developed a physical profile and has managed to obtain other accurate and measurable evidence using a 3D Laser Scan with a Leica RTC360 to preserve the scene.

When combined with the available video evidence, examiners successfully produced a Reverse Projection height analysis using the iNPUT-ACE Camera Overlay and the Leica Jetstream Viewer software. Based on the analysis, the suspect is found to be 6 foot 3 inches tall.

The suspect was last seen heading northbound. No reliable description of his vehicle has been provided by witnesses.

If your community has experienced similar break and enter cases, and if you need to conduct your own forensic examinations to determine height or other measurable information to establish a possible link, call CrimeBlotters at 213 596-0909. We’ll give you the tools to bring this serious crime spree to a stop! … at least until next year.

And of course, if you need help or training on viewing video evidence of actual crimes, iNPUT-ACE would love to help!

Contact us to request a free trial or learn more about our public safety solution for reviewing video evidence.


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