October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). For 15 years, NCSAM has been a collaborative effort between government agencies and businesses across the US to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity, share resources to keep America safer online, and prepare us to withstand the cyber-threats of the future.

On October 25th, iNPUT-ACE is hosting a free webinar with government leaders specializing in the movement of large evidentiary datasets, including video evidence. The webinar, Balancing the Needs of IT and Video-related Investigations, is designed for both investigators and their IT staff to help give you safe, scalable options for managing the needs of IT security and investigators.

#CyberAware Logo ImageThe idea behind this year’s NCSAM focus is that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility we must work together to build on a nationwide scale. For a detailed look at their recommendations, read the NCSAM 2018 General Toolkit or follow #CyberAware and #CyberMonth2018 on social media to see updates and resources throughout the month of October. To stay informed all year, follow #BeCyberSmart or visit their webpage to get resources and ideas for your business and home.

This year, the Department of Homeland Security identified ‘Secure Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Threats’ as one of the key initiatives for NCSAM. Anyone working in law enforcement who interacts with video evidence will see how this initiative connects with their everyday struggle to access proprietary video through questionable third-party players.

Our webinar was inspired by the article Balancing Data Security with Access to Video Evidence by Grant Fredericks in the September IACP issue of Police Chief Magazine. In fact, two of our presenters, James Emerson and James Kennedy, were quoted in the article as well. Register for the webinar today or use one of the links above to find another way to take part in #CyberMonth2018.

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