iNPUT-ACE Partners with Axon to Provide Lossless Video Conversion Inside Axon Evidence

iNPUT-ACE and Axon announced a partnership that will allow Axon to utilize iNPUT-ACE’s core playback and conversion engine, an API based toolset known as the Video Integration Suite (VIS). This API toolset can be integrated into cloud solutions or on-premise agency servers to enable third-party video files to be played and converted within any application. We are pleased to partner with Axon to have this innovative technology integrated into their digital evidence management solution. With this partnership, Axon customers will gain a more complete picture of what happened in any given investigation so they can get accelerate their video investigations.

Today, many video security systems use their own proprietary video format. When that video is played back on a tool that is not compatible with most commercial software, the files are often played incorrectly causing misinterpretation of the video evidence. The iNPUT-ACE partnership with Axon solves this by supporting more than 90% of all video file types found in video investigations.

Existing Axon Evidence customers may purchase third-party video playback functionality as an add-on while Axon Enterprise License customers will automatically receive the functionality starting at the end of August 2020. To learn more, customers may reach out to their local Axon sales representative.



Can I now do everything that I currently do in iNPUT-ACE in Axon Evidence?

No, the partnership with Axon allows them to offer our playback and lossless conversion technology to users of We see the partnership helping investigators manage original video evidence, identifying the key video assets they want to interrogate and allowing for a seamless and lossless conversion process should they want to publish the video. A great example of where this can go wrong without our technology can be found at

    Will you be offering the full version of iNPUT-ACE within Axon Evidence?

    As of now, only playback and conversion is available in a cloud model. While we have flexible licensing models for larger organizations for budget purposes, the ability to run a cloud environment for video processing can be hampered by bandwidth, CPU and computer memory. We are continuing to look at innovative ways to provide our offering.

      I do not use, can I embed VIS into my current evidence management system?

      Yes, VIS is a product we offer for both agencies and system integrators. It is a web-based set of API calls that allow you to playback and convert video of nearly any type without the risk of losing frames or relevant metadata. If you are interested in learning more about VIS, please contact us at or 213.596.0909

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