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iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

Introducing Axon Investigate 3.0

Axon is excited to announce the release of Axon Investigate 3.0. This release is another major step forward, building on the strong foundation laid by iNPUT-ACE and integrating some of the best aspects of the Axon ecosystem. 

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and trainingThis software is sleek, fast, and dynamic. Users will notice that the interface has become more similar to other Axon products, but also remains familiar to historic iNPUT-ACE users. All the great features from previous versions still exist, but some have changed places within the application. Many features inside the application are now represented with only icons, but we have integrated hover text to explain what each icon represents. Take the time to click around and investigate for yourself all that Axon Investigate has to offer. 

This modern and intuitive interface makes Investigate the perfect tool for every investigator wishing to process video evidence. Users can efficiently do everything from very simple to highly advanced workflows in a forensically sound manner.  

For access to the Axon Investigate User’s Manual and Product Guides, please visit 

Important: You will see some new login messaging after installing the software. You can still use this new version of the software even without Axon Evidence credentials. Please read to the new login process in these release notes for further information.  


Table of Contents:

Overview Video:

New Login Process

We have several exciting integrations planned for Axon Investigate and Axon Evidence. To start enabling these, we will begin allowing Axon Evidence users to log in with their credentials to access Axon Investigate.

  • An Axon Evidence account is not required to use the Investigate software. If you and your agency do not have an Axon Evidence account, simply select “Use Local License.” If you have questions about Axon Evidence, please reach out to your account manager.
  • If you have an existing Axon Evidence account, you may use that to log in to Axon Investigate.

Audio Visualization Tools

There are some investigations that benefit from having a visual representation of the audio. For example, you might be able to quickly identify where gunshots or other distinct noises are heard on the timeline. 

You can now interrogate an audio stream to see an audio spectrum view of the video file or toggle to a waveform view. Zoom in and out on the image to better identify spikes in volume. There is a new volume control slider and mute button on the timeline. If a file is interrogated and does not have audio, this icon will be disabled.  

We also changed the Audio Spectrum node in the Workflow tab to the Audio Visualization node. You can now export a series of still images or a video file that represents the audio spectrum or waveform of the original video.  

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

Improved Audit Trail and Workflow History

There is now an improved audit trail of all workflow actions. Every time a workflow is executed, a new workflow history is generated and added to the list in the History section of the Workflow tab.  

The name of the history item is based on the workflow execution date/time and the nodes used in the process. Users can change the name of their history actions, redraw the workflow by clicking on the history item in the list, or generate a PDF History report for one or all the history actions in the list. The workflow histories are retained with each case project save. 

This improved audit trail and workflow history enables users to quickly highlight all investigative work and share it with superiors, co-investigators, the courts, and more. 

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

Metadata Reports

The View Meta window has changed location and inherited a new feature. Located at the top right of the Interrogate window, the View Metadata area can be expanded and collapsed for better visibility. 

Historically, if a user wanted to capture the contents of this View Metadata area, they would have to screen capture the window, or copy and paste each metadata item individually. Now with a single click, a user can generate a PDF report of all the metadata in a file. These reports can be generated in the View Metadata window, or via the settings menu of a file or group in the File List. 

If a metadata report is generated at the group level, the resulting report will contain the metadata of each file in the group.

Zip Files, Subfolders and New Settings

Do you have a zip file of content, or a folder with multiple subfolders? Now you can simply drag and drop them into the File List as you always did with individual files or folders. The new structure of the File List allows you to clearly see the root folder structure and relationships of files to one another within your project.  

Zip files often contain data and files that are not multimedia. Historically, loading these files into the software would cause an error and none of the content could be examined unless loaded as separate files.  

Now you can load a zip file or folders with nested file structures. The software will prompt you for permission to ignore specific extensions that are not identified as multimedia, or you may choose to include them for metadata analysis. This will help you quickly identify the video, audio and image files inside zip files or nested folders and improve the efficiency of your case analysis.   

Stitch from the File List in Output Settings

In previous versions, Concatenate (“Stitch Together”) was only available to Pro level users through the Workflow tab. Now all users can load multiple files into the File List, select the files they want to stitch together and click the Export icon at the top of the File List.  

The export dialog box now includes a checkbox titled “Stitch Together”. A user can now take hundreds, even thousands, of files and stitch them together quickly and easily directly from the File List export option.

This is a great benefit for standard and Pro users. For example, when you encounter a CCTV camera that records consecutive files that are 30 seconds long, you can stitch them all together as a single file quickly and easily. 

3 New Application Settings

1) Investigate is now available in Spanish: Select from a drop down of language options to use the software in a language more comfortable for you. Additional language options are coming soon. 

2) Dark theme now available: We listened to our users and are pleased to announce a true dark theme for Axon Investigate!  

3) The default exclusion list and default exclusion file size field can be amended through the application settings menu: A user can determine if they want to block a specific extension when attempts are made to load that extension into the File List. Instead of receiving an error when loading a file, the specific extension can be added to the exclusion list thereby bypassing any error notifications. Likewise with the exclusion file size a user can adjust the size limit for files to block the interrogation of files that are too small or below the set size limit. 

iNPUT-ACE video evidence software and training

File Format Decoder & New Formats

Our support team continues to provide custom decoders to users for proper playback inside Axon Investigate. From inside the file settings, a user can locate the specific Aceformat being used to enable video playback, or the user can select from a list of codecs to enable playback of the video evidence. 

Our developer team continues to add new formats to Axon Investigate with every new release, helping us maintain our position as the industry leader in the number of formats we can play, analyze and process.  

Since our June release we have improved our support for additional Verint .exe formats and enabled full support and playback of multi-channel .dav files. 

Want to learn more?

Interested in learning more about Axon Investigate 3.0?

For access to the Axon Investigate User’s Manual and Product Guides, please visit 

Make sure you join our upcoming launch webinar where we will discuss some of the history of iNPUT-ACE, the benefits of being part of the Axon ecosystem, and what is new with this version of the software.

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