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The iNPUT-ACE team has been hard at work upgrading ways for you to manage your video evidence, and we’re proud to announce that Version 2.4.2 is now ready for download!

One of the most important features in iNPUT-ACE (going all the way back to Version 1.0) is the ability of organizing multiple videos in the File List, tracking suspect activity with Markers and Subclips, and saving the information in a Project that can be reloaded at any time. The latest updates in Version 2.4.2 provide significant improvements to these core features, including new filtering and sorting capabilities for the File List, and automatic back ups for your Project files. Here is a closer look at what you can expect.

Your Projects Automatically Backed Up

Automatic Project Back Up Interval SettingsiNPUT-ACE now features automatic saving for your Project files!  While you continue working on a case, iNPUT-ACE will quietly be saving Back Ups to your Project file every few minutes.The auto-save interval is 5 minutes by default, but you can easily adjust this duration in the Settings tab.

If you ever need to restore unsaved work, the Project Back Ups are stored in \Documents\iNPUT-ACE\Project Back Ups. Organized within folders for each recent Project, Back Ups are named with a Date/Time stamp – identifying when the Back Up was created. These Back Ups can be loaded like any other .Project file by launching iNPUT-ACE and selecting Project Actions > Load.

Metadata and File List Filtering Upgrades

iNPUT-ACE allows for adding hundreds or thousands of different video files from different sources in a single Project. Users can then navigate through the data and tag relevant activity with metadata like the first clip showing “Suspect A” wearing a “Blue Hat” at the “Chevron Station” at “01:30”. On large-scale investigations, this data can become complex to work with as the size of the File List continues to grow.

Version 2.4.2 provides significant improvements to handling these large scale investigations with new filtering and sorting capabilities in the File List. By pressing the Filter/Sort button at the top of the File List, you can now filter to only show certain activity such as: “Suspect A” between “1:00-2:00 am”. After applying the filter, the File List will condense down to reveal only information matching these metadata tags. Watch the short clip to the right to get a better idea of how it works.

This latest improvement is built on the same methodology developed by our team for managing over 5,000 hours of video involved in the riots in Vancouver. Keep an eye out for our newsletter for more details on this feature. It’s an easy feature to overlook but one of the most powerful in the program.

More Improvements You Will Appreciate

Version 2.4.2 brings a number of additional capabilities and improvements such as:

  • Frame Number are now displayed while playing a file back on the Interrogate Tab
  • Several new formats have been added
    • Including support for a type of h.265(HEVC) file that was not previously supported
  • Support for channel names directly from many proprietary files
    • Instead of Video Stream 1 you will see Teller Camera or Kitchen Camera for support files
  • New install option for users that need to install iNPUT-ACE to C:/Program Files
    • The new custom installer does not support automatic updates. Reach out to if you would like access.
  • Lite License now uses the improved Standard Output Node
    • Converting files with the Lite License is now easier than ever with one simple node. Simply choose between Best Performance or Best Quality, and iNPUT-ACE | Lite will batch process your files to an appropriate output format.

Thank You to Our Users

Thank you to all our users who send in feedback reports and ideas for how to make the software better. You are helping us shape our platform and we couldn’t do it without you!

Please manually download the update from and start enjoying the improvements today!

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