Preview the new Photo Overlay Tool to change how you use video evidence with 3d laser scanned data for collision reconstruction and crime scene reconstruction.

What if you could convert, process, and utilize your video evidence quickly and accurately? And you had the added benefit of being able to take images from CCTV, body-cam, and in-car recordings and accurately calibrate and align them to a point cloud created by a 3D scanner?

That’s what we have developed for you!Overlay dissolve shown in stills

And it is fast, easy, and based on accurate court-tested methods of reverse projection. The patent-pending Photo Overlay Tool can locate precise positions of objects at specific times which helps with establishing speed for collision analysis, use of force investigations, and can help establish the height of an individual for confirming suspect identification in the crime scene reconstruction process. Traditionally, investigators have used camera-matching and manual overlay processes to integrate video with point cloud data but both options are time-consuming and lack the accuracy levels needed to create court-ready exhibits. Our development team has changed all that with a fast and accurate tool to produce precision photo overlays onto the geometry of point clouds from 3D laser scanning.

Interested in seeing how it works?

Click the button below to watch the preview webinar recorded on December 4, 2018. The webinar covers:

  • the basics of Reverse Projection
  • the variables of distance calibration
  • the three areas of accuracy contributing to the Margin of Error
  • how to produce demonstrative exhibits for triers of fact

The final minutes of the webinar were dedicated to some great questions from the attendees. If you have additional questions after watching the recording, please send them to and our team will address them with you individually. Anyone wanting to get a price quote please connect with your regional representative through We will be announcing the release date after the holidays. You can watch for the news on our LinkedIn page.

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