The Oklahoma Highway Patrol was involved in a high-speed chase on the Interstate during the summer of 2017. Lt. Heath Meyer placed tire deflation devices on the highway just ahead of the pursuit. As the suspect approached, he swerved to the right to avoid the stop sticks. This caused two OHP vehicles to collide and strike Lt. Meyer, who passed away 10 days later from his injuries.

The suspect was later apprehended and charged with 1st Degree Murder in the death of Lt. Meyer.

The OHP officers recovered footage of the entire chase from the dash cams of the units that collided. Two officers, Cpt. Hampton and Trooper Ledbetter, were trained to work with the video evidence in iNPUT-ACE. Ledbetter synchronized the video from the cameras to demonstrate to the judge and jury the suspect’s actions were the direct cause of Lt. Meyer’s death. Cpt. Hampton commented, “The facts of the case were that the troopers were all presented with an unavoidable collision at 1.3 seconds prior to Lt. Meyer being struck, with that said the concatenated frame-by-frame advance with the EDR printout on an easel next to a 72-inch flat screen monitor allowed the jury to see and not have to rely solely on our testimony.” Cpt. Hampton noted that iNPUT-ACE was invaluable in the investigation.

According to one local newscast, “the jury listened and watched in horror as the trooper was hit by another patrol car.”

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The jury found the suspect guilty and he was sentenced to Life in Prison for the murder of Lt. Meyer.

This was the 13th trial the OHP has used iNPUT-ACE to review and prepare video evidence for use in court since purchasing the software a short time ago.