2022 Video Evidence Training Symposium

March 28 – March 31, 2022

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About the Event

Video evidence continues to play an increasingly prominent role in investigations and court proceedings.

From the violence at the US Capitol on January 6 to the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse in late November, video has played prominently on both the local and global level.

Once again, we’re bringing together the thought leaders in forensic video, accident reconstruction, testifying in court, and more to discuss what the future of video holds.

Attendees will earn certificates demonstrating completed training hours for submitting CEUs on topics including important legal updates, workflow training, reconstruction techniques for using video evidence in collision investigations, and more.

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What’s included?

Register for the 2022 Video Evidence Symposium and you will receive the following:

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  • Access to recorded versions of the training sessions after the event (8 sessions, approximately 90 minutes each)
  • Training Certificate that can be submitted for CEUs upon completion of your training

Sample Session

Wondering what kind of training you’ll receive? Check out last year’s session from Grant Fredericks, “Conducting a Video-Centric Investigation: Preparing for the Endgame.”

Grant Fredericks, along with several other speakers, will return for the 2021 Symposium. He is a former police officer with over thirty years of experience leading video-centric criminal investigations. He is a Certified Forensic Video Analyst and a contract instructor at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA.

Speakers and Sessions

March 28-March 31, 2022

Monday 12pm EST:

The Role of Video Evidence in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

Mark D. Richards, Corey Chirafisi, Dr. John Black

The Defense team from the Kyle Rittenhouse trial will share their experience testifying about video on a national stage, and how to prepare for the challenges you will face from both sides when testifying.

Tuesday 12pm EST:

The Impact of Allowing Officers to View Video Prior to Providing a Statement

Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor, PhD and Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado Denver, will discuss the impact that video can have on the memory of police officers who are under investigation for force events.

Wednesday 12pm EST:

Case Study: Building Efficient Workflows

Grant Fredericks

Grant Fredericks, Instructor at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA, will walk through some cases to discuss efficient workflows and show how you can build cases and testify with greater confidence.

Thursday 12pm EST:

The Evolution of Court Acceptance of Video

Panel of Experts

We will host a panel of attorneys and legal experts to discuss the evolution of court acceptance of video standards and what the future holds for testifying about video.

Monday 2pm EST:

How Filters Affect the Interpretation of Video

Andrew Fredericks

Does Pinch-To-Zoom and other common filters affect the interpretation of video? Andrew Fredericks explains what you need to know.

Tuesday 2pm EST:

How Video Tells a Story

Mark Scheffler – NYT Visual Investigations Team

We’ll be joined by Mark Scheffler from the New York Times Visual Investigations Team to discuss how the media is leveraging forensic video evidence methodologies to tell stories and seek truth. This session may be adjusted if the events in Ukraine alters the NYT team’s availability.

Wednesday 2pm EST:

Maintaining Chain of Custody


Representatives from Axon will host a panel to discuss best practice for maintaining chain of custody when it comes to digital evidence and how different agencies are doing this today.

Thursday 2pm EST:

Speed and Motion | Interpreting Use of Force from Video Images

Josh Guthrie

Josh Guthrie, Police officer and partner/owner of Force Analysis and Multimedia Review, LLC, will explore how the interpretation of video images can impact Use of Force cases.


Meet Our Speakers

Corey Chirafisi
Corey Chirafisi

Attorney and Partner at Chirafisi Law Office

An accomplished criminal defense attorney in Wisconsin, Corey C. Chirafisi handles cases involving Wisconsin state law as well as federal law, and has represented people on every type of criminal charge and all levels of drunk driving charges with rather impressive results in numerous difficult cases.
A former prosecutor, Mr. Chirafisi began his career as an assistant district attorney handling criminal matters ranging from disorderly conduct to homicide. He provides this experience to current clients no matter what they are charged with.
Mr. Chirafisi earned his law degree at The City University of New York School of Law and was admitted to practice law in Wisconsin in 1998. His practice, Chirafisi & Verhoff Law Office, S.C., is located in Madison, Wisconsin. Recently, he was a defense attorney during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial that received national media spotlight.

Damon Mosler
Damon Mosler

San Diego County Deputy District Attorney (Ret. 2022)

Damon Mosler was a San Diego County Deputy District Attorney for over 29 years (Ret 2022). Chief of: Economic Crimes (2016-2022), Narcotics (2003-2009), Special Operations (2009-2013), and Law Enforcement Liaison (2013-2016) for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

He is a subject matter expert and instructor for a wide variety of topics, including Case Preparation, Predator/Club Drugs, Informant Handling, 4th Amendment Law, Body Worn Camera (BWC), and Digital Evidence Management (DEM) concerns. Today he is a Consultant for the Bureau of Justice Assistance (CNA) and Axon Justice Solutions on BWC’s and DEM.

Josh Guthrie
Josh Guthrie

Partner at Force Analysis and Multimedia Review

Josh Guthrie is partner/owner of Force Analysis and Mulitmedia Review, LLC which provides services relative to the analysis of police use of force incidents and associated video evidence.  Josh is also an active law enforcement officer and has been so for the past 22 years.  He is an A.C.T.A.R. accredited collision reconstructionist and specializes in 3D laser scanning and reverse projection photogrammetry, and speed from video analysis.

Josh has also served as a patrol officer, instructor, and is currently assigned as a critical incident reconstructionist and multimedia specialist for his agency. During his time as an instructor, he has trained thousands of law enforcement officers in collision reconstruction, scene analysis, and police use of force policy and tactics. He also provides court ready digital evidence demonstratives for numerous District Attorney offices. 

Miles Brissette
Miles Brissette

Senior Criminal Trial Attorney

Miles Brissette is a senior criminal trial attorney based in Fort Worth, Texas.   He became a principal in the Law Offices of Gill & Brissette in 2015, after nearly two decades in the Tarrant County, Texas Criminal District Attorney’s Office.   Miles has investigated and litigated offenses ranging from simple thefts and DWIs to death penalty cases. He was a prosecutor in the high profile case against Chante Mallard, a Fort Worth woman convicted in 2003 of striking a man with her car, driving home with him lodged in her windshield and leaving him to die.

Bob Gill
Bob Gill

State Criminal District Court Judge (Ret)

Recognized by his peers as one of the pre-eminent criminal law attorneys in North Texas. He is a retired state criminal district court judge who has devoted his entire thirty-four year legal career to the practice of criminal law. In addition to nearly 15 years on the bench, Bob served over 17 years as an assistant criminal district attorney in Tarrant County, serving from 1981 through 1992 and then from 2008 through 2014.

Mark D. Richards
Mark D. Richards

Attorney and Partner at Richards & Dimmer, S.C

For over 30 years now, Mark D. Richards has focused on providing quality representation as a criminal defense attorney. Attorney Richards’ focuses his practice as a homicide attorney, a drug charge lawyer, a sexual assault attorney, a burglary and theft attorney, a domestic violence attorney, and a white collar crime attorney. No case is too big or too small. Mark Richards has also tried over 100 jury trials, ranging from simple two-day Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) trials to month long Homicide or drug conspiracy trials.
Recently, he was a defense attorney during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial that received national media spotlight.

Dr. John R. Black
Dr. John R. Black

President of Aragon National Inc., SGM USA SF (ret.)

Dr. John R. Black is the President of Aragon National Inc., a consulting business specializing in sensemaking, decision making, and related research. He consults in complexity, systems thinking, and insight generation leading to decisions. He is a nationally recognized Expert Witness in police practices, Officer Involved Shootings (OiS), police training, corrections UoF, and self-defense issues. Dr. Black is certified at the InputAce Examiner and Metrological levels.

Dr. Black has 23+ years of experience in Law Enforcement, to include command level (Patrol, Investigations, Corrections, & Training) and a myriad of specialty areas. He was a senior instructor for defensive tactics, firearms, CQB, small unit tactics, and force simulation.
Dr. Black is also a retired SGM from the US Army Special Forces Community with 30+ years of expertise with military special operations (US Army Special Forces, Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations), Civil Intelligence, and international-level operations (classified and unclassified).

Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

PhD and Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado Denver

Paul Taylor is an Assistant Professor in the School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado Denver where he studies decision-making, human factors, and system safety in the context of police interactions with the public. Paul is a lead instructor for Critical Incident Review’s Investigative Strategies and Cognitive Interview certification course and a co-founder of the Association of Force Investigators.

He has over ten years of practical law enforcement experience including time as a department training manager, patrol sergeant, and use-of-force instructor. Paul has delivered law enforcement related instruction for academy, field training, and advanced in-service audiences as well as graduate and undergraduate level courses. Paul is actively engaged in law enforcement research and training across the United States and regularly presents at both academic and practitioner conferences.

Craig Trudgeon
Craig Trudgeon

SVP of Digital Evidence Management Systems at Axon

Brandon Wahl
Brandon Wahl

Manager of Support Services

Brandon is a LEVA Certified Forensic Video Technician and manages the support services for the iNPUT-ACE software. As a Forensic Video Technician, Brandon has assisted in hundreds of video-centric investigations and continues to help agencies accurately decode proprietary video file formats, process digital multimedia evidence, and prep demonstratives for court. Brandon has been a member of the iNPUT-ACE team since the launch of the software in 2016 and currently manages the support services for the powerful software program.
Grant Fredericks
Grant Fredericks

Certified Forensic Video Analyst

Grant Fredericks is a Certified Forensic Video Analyst and a lecturer at the FBI National Academy.  Grant has testified over 300 times in courts throughout the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and in other parts of the world. Much of his work involves the accurate interpretation of video evidence in police Use of Force cases.  As a consultant for Major Crime and Joint Forces Operations involving video evidence, Grant has provided technical assistance for high-profile investigations around the world.

In 2011, Grant was the Technical Manager for a large scale civil unrest investigation involving over 5,000 hours of video evidence that captured the activity of several thousand rioters. Directing the work of fifty forensic video analysts, Grant managed the integration of the visual evidence into investigation packages which resulted in 800 criminal charges, all successfully prosecuted.  His work in that case won the International Association of Chiefs of Police top award for Technical Advances in a Criminal Investigation.

Grant has consulted for the US Department of Justice, the IACP, and the National Institute of Justice. He is a co-author of the standards document Digital Video Systems Minimum Performance Specifications for US law enforcement agencies.  Grant is a former police officer and coordinator of the Vancouver Police Forensic Video Unit in Canada.

Andrew Fredericks
Andrew Fredericks

Technical Director at iNPUT-ACE

Andrew is a Certified Forensic Video Analyst and the Technical Director for iNPUT-ACE: a video evidence software solution that is used by law enforcement agencies worldwide. Andrew directs the development, training, and support for iNPUT-ACE, and continues to conduct forensic video analysis casework throughout North America and abroad.

As a forensic video analyst, Andrew has been qualified as an expert and testified in various courts in the USA and Canada. Andrew specializes in decoding proprietary video file formats, video workflow automation, and conducting 3D laser scanning reverse projection. Andrew also teaches these methodologies to thousands of police investigators and forensic video analysts every year.

Mark Scheffler
Mark Scheffler

Head of Visual Investigations at The New York Times

Mark Scheffler is the head of Visual Investigations at The New York Times. VI’s mission is to produce accountability journalism by combining visual and open-source evidence with traditional investigative reporting techniques. Under his leadership, the team has won two Pulitzer Prizes and five Emmys, among other awards. Prior to joining The Times, Mark was a Senior Video Producer at The Wall Street Journal, where he oversaw international news. Earlier in his career, he was on the first wave of the “one-man band” video-journalism era, working in the field as a writer, videographer and editor for both the Times and the Journal, producing stories throughout the American midwest. He has also reported from numerous countries, including China, India, South Africa and Indonesia. Mark started his journalism career as a text reporter, writing cover stories and other features for the Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine. 

Solomon Friedman
Solomon Friedman

Criminal Lawyer and Partner at Friedman Mansour LLP

Solomon Friedman is a criminal lawyer and partner at Friedman Mansour LLP. He represents clients on criminal, quasi-criminal and regulatory charges. Solomon uses his experience, together with his talent for effective oral and written advocacy, to create persuasive and innovative legal arguments, both at trial and on appeal.

In addition to his legal practice, Solomon writes widely on topics related to criminal law and appears often in the media – print, television and radio – to discuss high-profile cases and new developments in the law. His opinion and feature articles have appeared in newspapers across the country, including the National Post, the Montreal Gazette and the Ottawa Citizen. He was a regular contributor to the Citizen’s bi-weekly column on legal rights and criminal law, entitled “Right to Know.”

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The team at iNPUT-ACE is managed by certified forensic video analysts who provide training to thousands of investigators and forensic analysts every year. Our experts deliver training through state and local agencies and through organizations such as the FBI National Academy, LEVA, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and many other leading law enforcement organizations. INPUT-ACE is the only software company that employs a team of analysts that regularly is admitted as experts in criminal and civil trials in various countries around the world. Because we are on the forefront of the practical application of video investigations from the crime scene to the courtroom, we at iNPUT-ACE are constantly developing our software to meet the evolving needs of our law enforcement clients.